Pirelli supported ITALA successfully in Paris-Peking Rally

A Century of Racing Still Going Strong
Beijing, 21st September - It's reported that ITALA will exhibit at CCTV-Tower with Pirelli this weekend. It is a good opportunity for everyone in Beijing to experience a revival of an all-Italian epic of technology and tradition. After 15,000 km journey cross through Eurasia continent, ITALA has successfully arrived in Beijing. Hereto, the two months rally from Paris to Beijing accomplished. It's another corporation between century Pirelli and Beijing-Paris Rally after 1907. Pirelli is celebrating the centenary of the firm's involvement in motor sport hand-made the same tyres as a hundred years ago for the occasion.
Beijing to Paris Rally is the first continental motor racing in the world. In 1907, a French newspaper intended to organize a longest racing, from China to Paris, by means of vehicle. Then, there were five vehicles finished the racing. They were named 'Qi Che' for the first time they came to China. Pirelli's successful history on road and track throughout the world in fact began in 1907 with the ITALA driven by Scipione Borghese that as the contemporary reports make clear beat its rivals thanks above all to its tyres.
A hundred years later Pirelli and the Itala 45 HP are back together again and heading to China on an epic journey under the sign of Italian technology. The tyres accompanying the ITALA cross through 15,000km original journey have been produced in Pirelli's Turkish plant and are identical in terms of the carcass and tread pattern to those of a hundred years ago. A hundred years before, ITALA won the first prize ahead of three weeks with Pirelli high performance tyre, and just abraded 16 tyres, the lowest abrasion rate at that time. Up to this time, these tougher and safer tyres, conducted by the Milanese research centre, make ITALA easier to cross through unsurfaced roads of Europe and Asia. Pirelli has always been the car makers' supplier of choice for their most exclusive and innovative performance models.
It is reported that, the restored ITALA, star of the Turin Motor Museum, is waiting for the public. Besides classical ITALA and Pirelli car tyre, every visitor will see the modern support IVECO truck, geared with Pirelli truck tyre. Everyone will sense one hundred years history of vehicle technology and a century spirit of motor sports.
Changes over the Century of ITALA, it still choose Pirelli to rerun their first motor sport victory. That decision depends on Pirelli's positions of leadership on tyre technology and its spirit of innovation last 130 years. Acting in the spirit of innovation, Pirelli will bring more and more culture of motor sports into China.