Reifen 2012, Pirelli introduces Cinturato™ P7™ Blue

Pirelli chose the 2012 biennial Reifen Motor Show in Essen, Germany to unveil its first “AA” rated tyre, the latest addition to the Cinturato family: the P7 Blue. It is the first commercially-available AA-rated tyre (others do exist, but are still only prototypes) and has been designed by Pirelli to give vehicles with medium-sized engines extensive mileage, reduced braking distances and low rolling resistance. A successor to the Cinturato P7, a record seller and undisputed test winner, CinturatoP7 Blue benefits from the experience gained in Formula 1, utilising its processes and modelling. A Cinturato P7 Blue of size 235/45 R17 XL was displayed in Essen and the first sizes are already available on the European market: the complete range consists of 16 sizes and these will all be on sale by year end. Cinturato P7 Blue has gained top marks as far as the requirements of the European label are concerned. Indeed, depending on size, it has an “AA” or “AB” rating for rolling resistance and wet grip. Such elements confirm the outstanding technological innovation that is a feature of the Pirelli premium segment. Remaining on the subject of the European tyre label regulations that take effect on 1st November 2012, whilst Pirelli believes it essential to achieve the highest possible classification, the other performance parameters characteristic of a good tyre should not be forgotten. Furthermore, another important element is the role of the tyre dealer who the end consumer cannot do without when seeking expert professional advice on the right product to choose. The new tyre was displayed alongside the other latest developments to the Car line introduced over the last few months: P Zero Silver and Scorpion Winter . Also worthy of note are the latest additions to the 01 Series Truck line. Following on from the success of the Night Dragon tour, the Moto line exhibited the tyre of the same name for custom bikes, as well as Diablo Rosso Corsa, Scorpion Trail and Scorpion MX 554 Mid Hard.