SBK test Phillip Island

The three days test session run on the racetrack of Phillip Island has just finished providing good news for Pirelli and the SBK teams.
This was the third step of a development programme started in Spain (Valencia) and then carried on in Qatar (Doha) by the WSBK and WSS development teams.
Pirelli technicians faced this appointment with many different solutions to test, result of the endless work of the whole season and partially tested in the previous venues.

Interesting news coming from both the SBK and SS categories, with very good laptimes and most of all good performances in terms of long runs and race simulations.
In the SBK class the fastest rider was Troy Bayliss, who managed to set the incredible laptime of 1'30"7: two seconds faster than the previous record!
The new tyre specifications developed by Pirelli technicians have found a perfect ground and have scored a similar great result also in the SS category.
The new DIABLO Supercorsa, the 17" tyre - DOT, street homologated tyre - presented this year and available on the market for all the racetrack enthusiasts is still providing great results to the WSS riders.
After having improved basically all the race records during the season after his appearance in Misano, Diablo Supercorsa has allowed the riders once again to set the new reference times. Kenan Sofuoglu and Kevin Curtain have set the new lap record with the same amazing time of 1'33.9. Good news for Pirelli technicians, with two different bikes (Honda and Yamaha) able to exploit the benefits of this new solutions proving its real potential and characteristics of adaptability: Nannelli third with the two cylinders Ducati is more than a confirmation.

The start of the season is getting closer and closer, and looking at the results of this winter test sessions it seems we will have again a breathtaking season, and again the huge work performed by Pirelli technicians will bring to great races and thus benefits will go to the SBK enthusiasts and to the end users.

Test laptimes:

Pirelli Diablo SBK - 16,5" slick tyres

1. Bayliss (Aus-Ducati) 1'30"7; 2. Lanzi (Ita-Ducati) 1'31"2; 3. Toseland (UK-Honda) 1'31"7; 4. Corser (Aus-Yamaha) 1'32"2; 5. Laconi (Fra-Kawasaki) 1'32"2; 6. Kagayama (Jap-Suzuki) 1'32"3; 7. Nieto (Spa-Kawasaki) 1'32"3; 8. Biaggi (Ita-Suzuki) 1'32"4; 9. Haga (Jap-Yamaha) 1'32"8; 10. Rolfo (Ita-Honda) 1'33"2.

Pirelli DIABLO SUPERCORSA - 17" DOT tyres

1. Sofuoglu (Tur-Honda) 1'33"9; 2. Curtain (Aus-Yamaha) 1'33"9; 3. Nannelli (Ita-Ducati) 1'34"3; 4. Charpentier (Fra-Honda) 1'34"4; 5. Parkes (Aus-Yamaha) 1'34"8; 6. Veneman (Hol-Suzuki) 1'35"6; 7. Foret (Fra-Kawasaki) 1'35"7; 8. Riba (Spa-id) 1'36"0; 9. Kallio (Fin-Suzuki) 1'37"0.