Successful debut for Pirelli in the Hill Climb Championship

The new Pirelli tyres made a successful debut in the hill climb races. At the opening event of the FIA European Hill Climb Championship, the Italian tyres delivered excellent results thanks to driver Simone Faggioli, who also took part in the tyre development process. The Course de Cote de Saint Jean du Gard Col, opening race of the most important European hill climb championship, was held in France and put the tyre’s traction and cornering stability performance to a hard test. Faggioli, driving the Norma M20 FC Zytek, won the season opening event and took home a new race record on the first hill climb race, using supersoft tyres which ensured maximum grip. The racing slicks are marked with red lettering, just as their Formula One counterparts. The new Pirelli product for hill climb races comes in two versions for all the racing classes: slick (available in soft and supersoft compounds) and the Cinturato rain. The tyres are available in 250/575-13 and 315/660-13 sizes and rely on the FORMULA 1 technology.