Terna is the first company in Italy to adopt Pirelli’s “CYCL-e around” project on a national scale, to encourage sustainable mobility among its workforce

The e-bike sharing service involves eight Terna branches throughout Italy, which have been equipped with Pirelli’s electric bicycles for workers commuting to the office and travelling during the work day or in their free time

Rome, 21 July 2022 – Terna is the first company in Italy to have adopted Pirelli’s “CYCL-e around” e-bike sharing project on a national scale, with the aim of encouraging sustainable mobility among its workforce.  

With “CYCL-e around”, Pirelli offers a company ‘e-bike sharing’ service which provides pedal-assist bicycles that can be used by the workforce in eight Terna branches, scattered throughout Italy, for commuting to the office and travelling during the work day or free time. In fact, “CYCL-e around” promotes an alternative form of mobility alongside more traditional ones, with easier access to sustainable means of transport so that individuals can try out this solution safely and in the knowledge that they can rely on the expertise of Pirelli, a player with a long history of involvement in various forms of mobility.

There are four hire options available under the agreement between Terna, the Italian national transmission grid operator, and Pirelli: 'Working Time', for using the e-bike during the working day and travelling within the city for work purposes; 'Home2Work', for the daily commute to work; 'Smart Week', for using the e-bike for 7 consecutive days; and 'Weekend Break', for using the Pirelli’s electric bikes during the weekend, with no mileage cap. Terna personnel can book their e-bike with complete autonomy thanks to the dedicated App available on the company’s intranet. Pirelli’s e-bike fleets will be available from areas specially equipped for their storage and maintenance at the Terna branches.

“This initiative, developed in collaboration with Pirelli, aims to encourage sustainable mobility more and more and to increase people’s awareness of its importance”, said Roberto Giovannini, Head of Sustainability at Terna. “We have decided to begin with colleagues working in eight of our branches throughout Italy, to whom we are offering a more efficient alternative for travelling through the city, which is also more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our membership of the 'CYCL-e around' project”, continued Giovannini, “came about through activities in the 'Sustainability and Communication' area, one of the seven working groups within the NexTerna “news ways of working” project launched last year. Guided by the principles of sustainability, innovation and digitalisation, it has impacted on how people work at Terna, guaranteeing a greater focus on people and their welfare, and on the environment and, at the same time, improving efficiency and productivity, alongside a range of logistical benefits”.

 “The ‘CYCL-e around’ service is part of the focus on sustainability that Pirelli brings to all its activities, products and services. Terna’s implementation of this service on a national scale confirms that this approach has become widespread in the business world, a sign that this is the right path to follow”, said Francesco Bruno, Head of Micromobility Solutions at Pirelli. “It promotes a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle among workers, which in turn paves the way for improvements in micro-mobility in cities, using modern, zero-emission vehicles with a meaningful commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals”, added Bruno.

The Terna Group is one of the leading European and global electricity transmission operators. It operates the high-voltage national transmission grid with about 75,000 km of lines, around 900 electrical substations throughout the Italian territory and 26 interconnections with foreign Countries. Its mission is to guarantee 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the secure operation, quality and efficiency of the Italian electricity system and ensure equal access conditions for all market operators. A centre of excellence made up of over 5,100 professionals, Terna plays a guiding role in the energy transition process towards complete decarbonisation and full integration of energy from renewable sources into the grid.

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Published on: 21 July 2022, 10:47 CET