The Diablo™ Supercorsa SP for the new BMW HP4

The latest in Pirelli's Diablo family, the Diablo Supercorsa SP, prove to be first choice for high performance motorcycles. In fact, the new BMW HP4 will also be marketed with the new Diablo Supercorsa SP in sizes 120/70 ZR17 for the front and 200/55 ZR17 for the rear. Diablo Supercorsa SP is the culmination of technology that capitalises on Pirelli's experience as the sole supplier of the World Superbike Championship since 2004. This street-worthy racing tyre has been designed for both the professional rider and the street rider with a sport riding style. Offering performance typical of track-only products, it allows the rider to use a single, ultra high performance product for both street and track. Compared to the SC compound used this year by riders in the Superstock 1000 FIM Cup, the Diablo Supercorsa SP is better suited for street use, offering a bi-compound rear and more even tread wear for increased mileage. The compounds' performance is further enhanced by the new single-element tread pattern, repeated six times on the surface of the tyre. As a result, the "bare" area of the slick shoulder is 24% wider, compared to the previous Diablo Supercorsa, thus increasing contact area and grip. The solutions adopted for the compound (soft compound area wider by 23%) and for the tread (greater extension of slick area on the shoulders) provide a massive increase in grip and traction, allowing the motorcycle to maintain a higher speed when leaning. However, this required - for the rear Diablo Supercorsa SP - a carcass made of an innovative high-modulus fibre, patented by Pirelli and developed in WSBK, with a deformation index considerably lower than that of the fibre normally used in street tyres. Available in sizes supplied on the BMW HP4, Pirelli will expand the SP street range in early 2013 to include sizes 180/55, 190/50 and 190/55 for the rear.