The era of fuel saving and road safety

Development work on these tyres took a full year but it was well worth the effort: The Cinturato P7 Blue was the very first tyre to be awarded an ‘AA’ rating by the new European tyre label Cinturato P7 Blue tyres enrich the Pirelli Cinturato range and sit alongside the Cinturato P7 line, the first high performance ecological tyres created for cars with medium to large engines launched in 2009. Cinturato P7 Blue tyres further improve performance, safety and the ecological properties of the “P7”. Although the performance characteristics that gave Cinturato P7 leadership of the medium to large engined sedan, coupé and saloon segments remain unchanged, Cinturato P7 Blue offers improved braking performance and lower rolling resistance. The new Cinturato P7 Blue improves wet braking by 9% over a "B" category tyre in the same segment.  Comparative tests certified by TÜV SÜD have shown that at a speed of 80 kph in the wet, Cinturato P7 Blue improves the wet braking distance by 2.6 metres. When compared with a category “C” tyre, P7 Blue tyres have 23% less rolling resistance, with obvious benefits in terms of fuel saving and the emission of  harmful gases: for example, a sedan with Cinturato P7 Blue tyres covering 15.000 km a year consumes 5.1% less fuel. This equates to 52 litres of fuel and fewer harmful emissions (-123.5 Kg CO2). In structural terms, Cinturato P7 Blue tyres have a stiffer carcass thanks to the use of the latest generation materials. The side walls have progressive flexibility and the contact patch has been reinforced. Greater rigidity decreases deformity and therefore loss of energy, thereby ensuring lower rolling resistance. The inner steel belt has been lightened with a level of tension that has been optimised to guarantee stable and well-balanced performance. The compounds for Cinturato P7 Blue are all-new as well, using the very latest generation polymers with low oil content, specifically developed by Pirelli engineers to reduce braking distances and lower rolling resistance. This result has also been achieved through the innovative use of several different compounds within the tread pattern. Cinturato P7 Blue tyres have been made exclusively as after market products and are already available in Europe in an initial 11 sizes. A further three sizes will be available by late 2012.