The website The Pirelli Post is now online

A website aimed at studying Italian history and culture from the post-war period to date in an innovative and interactive way  is now online.  The Pirelli Post is a virtual place for exchange and interaction between professors, students and enthusiasts of Italian history and culture.  Thanks to the invaluable contribution of the Pirelli Foundation and of its Historic Archive, people can discover and share new, original research material: personal experiences, manuscripts, photos, films and advertising, as well as numerous articles from the famous Rivista Pirelli, which since its foundation in 1948 to 1972 has included contributions by prominent Italian writers and journalists. The project is part of the five-year partnership agreement, signed by Pirelli and Princeton University last October, aimed at contributing to the spread of studies of Italian history and culture through the use of new media and new technologies. Technologies which make The Pirelli Post a real virtual laboratory able to interpret and re-process the images, memories and personal accounts of the main turning points in Italian social and cultural life from the post-war years to present. The Pirelli Post is also one of the most informative and educational tools which writer and journalist Gianni Riotta – who was entrusted with the "Pirelli Visiting Professorship in Italian Studies” 2014 created under the agreement among Pirelli and the American university – will be using during the course. http://thepost.pirelli.com