Truck tyres, Cyber Fleet and the safe transport

In order to guarantee maximum performance and safety on all road surfaces at any temperature, there is a need for continuous tyre monitoring, detecting irregularities and ensuring proper maintenance. Indeed, having the correct tyre pressure at all times ensures steering precision and confident braking and cornering, whilst guaranteeing lower running costs by cutting fuel consumption and extending the tyre lifespan. It is here that there Pirelli Cyber™ Fleet comes into play, a mix of electronic and computer technology that provides truck driver and fleet manager with data regarding the tyre’s condition and the vehicle’s geographical position. . Developed by Pirelli R&D in partnership with Schrader Electronics, Cyber™ Fleet is an electronic sensor (called TMS - Tyre Mounted Sensor) fitted inside the tyre in order to collect data regarding the tyre pressure, temperature and identification, as well as mileage by way of GPS. By integrating with GSM/UMTS systems, Cyber™ Fleet transmits data simultaneously to the truck driver and fleet manager. Cyber™ Fleet is currently being tested on vehicles from one of Brazil’s largest fleets, JSL, whose business includes running urban and suburban passenger transport services in the city of San Paolo. And it is in passenger transport in particular that Cyber™ Fleet proves most useful for organisations that care about safety. European tests are due to start in May with the assistance of German haulage fleets.