A 5-year visiting professorship with Princeton University

In the framework of its commitment to promote, sponsor and support a variety of cultural projects in Italy and abroad, Pirelli has extended its already existing partnership with 14 Universities worldwide to Princeton University. Pirelli and Princeton have created the “Pirelli Visiting Professorship in Italian Studies” in the Department of French and Italian Studies of the American university. The five-year project aims at promoting the study of Italian history and culture with the aid of new media and technology. Each academic year the visiting professorship program will bring a prominent Italian personality to campus to hold a lecture or a course, using a multidisciplinary approach and enhancing Princeton’s educational commitment. Gianni Riotta, Italian journalist and writer, will serve as first visiting professor from January 2014 on, with the collaboration of Professor Gaetana Marrone-Puglia. The course will focus on Italian history from post-war II period to present day, analysing the Italian films depicting at best the political, cultural and everyday life in Italy at that time. Thanks to the Pirelli Foundation archives, students will have access to a collection of multimedia cultural materials for study and research, including photos, manuscripts, documentaries, advertisements and films. With over 140 years of history, Pirelli has indeed witnessed and contributed to Italy’s economic, social and cultural growth.