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Friedrichshafen (DE), 8th July 2018 – Just weeks from the launch of Cinturato, the new tubeless-ready tyre for GranFondo on road and light gravel, Pirelli adds a new family of products dedicated to cycling to its already wide catalogue of tyres.

At Eurobike, the most important European fair for the cycling world, taking place from 8th through 10th July 2018 in Friedrichshafen (Germany), the company presents the Cycl-e line dedicated to normal and e-bikes in the urban biking, trekking and tourism sectors.

Pirelli is traditionally dedicated to the development of innovative solutions for sustainable mobility. It couldn’t therefore lack a line of tyres dedicated to electric bicycles, a segment destined to play an increasingly important role in urban mobility.

Five different tyres

A first example of the Cycl-e tyre was seen last year used by Swiss brand Stromer for its innovative ST-5.

Today, the line that Pirelli is presenting at Eurobike is made up of 5 new models that, thanks to the synergy between compound, tread pattern and tyre structure, offer safety and driving pleasure in every commuting or touring situation.

Cycl-e GT is a tyre born to intensify the dynamic characteristics of sports ride that are typical of its motorised equivalents, a market in which Pirelli is the leader. Perfect in city traffic, it is ideal for the modern and higher performing e-Bikes.

Downtown and Downtown Sport
Cycl-E DT and DT Sport are dedicated to mainly urban use, where smoothness, maximum road hold on any surface and climate, together with uncompromising reliability are essential characteristics.

Crossterrain and Crossterrain Sport
Cycl-e XT and Cycl-e XT-Sport are tyres born to benefit the reliability and total safety of the Pirelli tyres, even on unpaved roads, to extend the pleasure of using the electric bicycle outside of the city limits.

With the exception of the Granturismo, Pirelli offers two models for each family: a traditional and a Sport version.
The traditional version, with more marked and radial grooves, guarantees the maximum safety in any situation. The “Sport” version, thanks to the slick central tread, fewer pitches and mainly longitudinal direction of the grooves, offers optimum smoothness and speed.

The tread pattern of these “Sport” versions is designed according to “multi-pitch” logic: 3 different pitch lengths further reduce noise and vibrations transmitted at higher speeds in comparison with the traditional version of the same model.

The Granturismo model is the one that most recalls Pirelli Motorcycle tyres. It proposes grooves and profiles typical of motorised two-wheelers and offers a heightened driving dynamic, a great contact feeling and optimum control in leaning: ideal characteristics for modern and powerful e-bikes and for anyone with sports driving needs, even in urban contexts.

In the Downtown models a profile that offers consistent performance in every phase of leaning, braking and acceleration been favoured. This also considering the needs arising from the use of higher performing cycles.

The two Downtown and Downtown Sport tyres have different roughness, number of grooves, groove orientation and depth compared with Cycl-e XT and XT-Sport, which is why they can also be used in light off-road situations.

On Crossterrain models, the focus has been the grip on rough ground and light off-road. To this end, a knob has been inserted that acts in response to abrupt manoeuvres on slippery surfaces, increasing the lateral mechanical grip.

The DT and XT are characterized by a tread with an innovative microtexture that varies from the center to the shoulder. The scarcity in the central area increases the rolling efficiency while the density in the shoulder helps the grip in curves.

Cap & Base Compound

The tread pattern of the Cycl-e line is made of two layers of “cap” compound, in contact with the asphalt and a “base” with anti-puncture function.
The chemical formulation of the first guarantees a never before encountered safety feeling on tyres of this segment. The objective? To offer a high feeling of safety, comfort and, especially, handling on wet and dry, and on various road surfaces (ex. cobblestones, crosswalks, etc.) with the precision typical of high performance Pirelli tyres.
On the other end, the “base” compound is designed to prevent debris and external bodies from puncturing the tyre. In addition to constructing a physical barrier thanks to the notable thickness, it has a chemical formulation designed to encompass sharp objects, preventing perforation of the tyre.

Tyre Crumbs

It is because Pirelli is committed to sustainable mobility that the Cycl-e line of tyres is made using a mix containing natural Crumb of re-used tyres. Tyres at the end of their lives are collected from the automotive world, are pulverized, and the selected crumbs are reused in the polymer matrix of the natural rubber compound making up the tyres to guarantee lower energy impact and amount of raw materials used.

The complete line of Cycl-e tyres will be on main European markets starting from October 2018.

THE CYCL-E FAMILY (measures, characteristics and available weights):

Cycl-e GT (Granturismo)

37-622 CycGT rigid bead, reflex          780 g

42-622 CycGT rigid bead, reflex          930 g

50-622 CycGT rigid bead, reflex          1180 g

54-559 CycGT rigid bead, reflex          1030 g

57-584 CycGT rigid bead, reflex          1230 g

Cycl-e DT (Dowtown)

37-622 CycDT rigid bead, reflex          780 g

42-622 CycDT rigid bead, reflex          930 g

47-622 CycDT rigid bead, reflex          1050 g

50-622 CycDT rigid bead, reflex          1180 g

Cycl-e DTs (Dowtown Sport)

32-622 CycDTs rigid bead, reflex          690 g

37-622 CycDTs rigid bead, reflex          780 g

42-622 CycDTs rigid bead, reflex          930 g

47-622 CycDTs rigid bead, reflex          1050 g

Cycl-e XT (Crossterrain)

37-622 CycXT rigid bead, reflex           780 g

42-622 CycXT rigid bead, reflex           930 g

47-622 CycXT rigid bead, reflex           1050 g

50-622 CycXT rigid bead, reflex           1180 g

Cycl-e XTs (Crossterrain Sport)

32-622 CycXTs rigid bead, reflex          690 g

37-622 CycXTs rigid bead, reflex          780 g

42-622 CycXTs rigid bead, reflex          930 g

47-622 CycXTs rigid bead, reflex          1050 g


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Publicated on: 8th July, 15:30 CET