Certainties and latest updates for the riders at the Pirelli French round

The second part of the WorldSBK season starts from Magny-Cours and Pirelli, Event Main Sponsor of the round, has selected standard range solutions alongside some already known and new development options


  • The historic Magny-Cours circuit hosts this season's halfway point of the FIM Superbike World Championship over the weekend. The seventh round, of which Pirelli is the Event Main Sponsor, takes place on the renowned French track. The tyre allocation includes solutions already known and appreciated by the riders but also some innovations in continuity with the development programme planned by Pirelli this year.
  • For the front, in addition to the standard SC1 and the already well-known development SC1 A0674, the riders will have an unprecedented solution at their disposal: this is the B0570 specification, making its debut in a race weekend, which features a particularly soft compound to ensure considerable grip on the front axle. This new tyre could prove to be particularly effective in combination with the rear SCQ or SCX, with the aim of balancing the level of grip between the two axles. Also on the front, should it rain, the riders will be able to test a new SCRD option, designed to offer more grip in wet conditions and low temperatures. For the rear, the standard SC0 and SCX represent old acquaintances for the riders while the development SCX B0800 will be seen for the first time. The latter solution continues the SCX-based development work that Pirelli began at Misano.
  • For WorldSSP, the standard solutions have been confirmed: SC1 and SC2 at the front, to be coupled with SCX or SC0 at the rear.
  • The Nevers Magny-Cours circuit features significant braking areas, with changing altitude, which puts the front wheel to the test, followed by moderately long straights. There is also a hairpin (Adelaide), which requires a very tight trajectory out of a fairly fast straight. The asphalt is smooth and regular and offers little grip, especially when temperatures drop or, even worse, when it rains.

For more details on tyres allocation for the WorldSBK and WorldSSP classes, please refer to the technical data sheets attached to this press release. 


“At Magny-Cours we continue our development work, while always guaranteeing riders to be able to choose standard solutions or those that they already know very well. The new tyres we bring here are in fact the result of the feedback received with respect to previous solutions already tested in other rounds, but also other new choices. In the case of the new rear SCX option, for example, we tried to combine in a single tyre characteristics which the riders had appreciated in the two solutions tested in July at Misano. The new soft front instead goes in the direction of offering an even softer tyre and therefore able to guarantee greater grip, to balance the softer rear options. If it doesn't rain, which in Magny-Cours can never be ruled out, we will be able to check the progress made. It will also be interesting to monitor the performance of the wildcards that come from the French Championship and who on this occasion will have the opportunity to get to know our tyres better."