"Dakar": Pirelli on the podium with a PS22-fitted tatra


Six trucks among the first fifteen used standard Pirelli PS22 tyres.
Excellent results from Luisa Trucco (24t) and Edi Orioli (17th).

Milan 22 January 2007 - Third place overall in the Trick category by a Tatra driven by Loprais-Gilar is the extraordinary result achieved by Pirelli in the Lisbon-Dakar, which ended yesterday in the Senegal capital. The performance of the Czech team's factory Tatras managed by Loprais assumes even greater significance as the trucks competed on Pirelli PS22 tyres identical to those on public sale and much liked by all the drivers in the marathon on Pirelli. By coming third, Loprais-Gilar broke Michelin's total monopoly on podium positions, which the French manufacturer had held since the first Dakar.

An important result and one that inaugurates Pirelli's motor racing season in the best possible way, a season in which the Milan giant will celebrate its 100th anniversary in motor sport. This first experience of Pirelli's with the works Tatras in the Dakar was more than positive, also because another of the team's trucks on Pirelli PS22 driven by the Brazilian crew De Azevedo-Justo came fifth overall in the category.

As well as the vehicles of Team Tatra, Italy's Ivecos also did well in the Lisbon-Dakar, with Vismara-Cambiaghi 12th overall, while Luisa Trucco, the only woman competing in the event at the wheel of a truck, came an excellent 24th, assisted in the cockpit by the Pattono brothers, a performance that went well beyond highest expectations.

The qualities of the Pirelli PS22 were fully exploited and appreciated by 28% of the Lisbon-Dakar's entrants, who won one first, four second, three third and six fifth places in the various stages of the event. Overall, six competitors on Pirelli finished the gruelling African marathon among the first 15, further confirmation of the high degree of robustness, torque and competitiveness of the Italian tyres.

And the Isuzu D4 of Edi Orioli, many times winner of the race on two wheels, shone on Pirelli tyres almost identical to the mass produced product. The Italian crew of Orioli-Rosalen took the 17th place overall in the Car category on Pirelli Scorpion tyres designed on the same product base as those on sale at any tyre dealer's premises.

All further confirmation of the concept at the heart of Pirelli technology, that racing is a valid, valuable and constant "development laboratory" for tyres destined for users of the roads of the entire world.

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