Green Heart and performing Soul of Pirelli conquer the Frankfurt motor show

Cinturato P7 and P6, leading lights on the market for ecology and performance according to the Dekra and TÜV tests

The PZero collection is confirmed by the new super cars as their preferred line of tyre

Cinturato family, recognized by the leading European certification bodies as the most ecological and safest line of tyres on the market; the PZero family, confirmed as the favourite for high performance sports cars. And so it was, yet again, that Pirelli conquered the Frankfurt Show, where the Milan-based group stood above the stands of the most prestigious cars and on the most eagerly-awaited models of the German show.

Green performance and safety. Dekra, one of the automobile sector's leading independent certification bodies, and TÜV, the German certification body, agree that the Cinturato P6 and the Cinturato P7 are the tyres that best match the needs of reducing the environmental impact of vehicle traffic, and of increasing safety. From independently conducted tests, Cinturato P7 was clearly the best ecological tyre in its category, thanks to reduced fuel consumption and hence reduced carbon monoxide emissions due to the better mileage, and to the maximum levels of safety, particularly in the wet and dry. Cinturato P6, as well as seeing its ecological features confirmed in terms of savings and higher mileage, was the safest tyre in its category in all the tests performed: aquaplaning, roadholding and braking on both dry and wet surfaces. The most prestigious European certification bodies confirm the success of Pirelli’s commitment to Green Performance, that is to say the reduction of consumption and environmental impact, increasing at the same time performance connected with safety. In particular, the P7 – launched this year and aimed at the medium- and high-end range – adds features associated with pure performance: comfort, driving pleasure, handling on bends and straight roads, precision on approaches to bends. The Cinturato P7 cuts rolling resistance by 20% and energy consumption by 4%, knocks 30% off noise levels and reduces braking distance by up to two metres both in wet and dry conditions, using materials free of highly aromatic oils. Features which have made it, up to now, the preferred tyre for car makers’ new products. Today, Cinturato P7 has been chosen for original fitting by Audi (A4, A4 Allroad, A5), Mercedes (E Class, S Class), Alfa Romeo (New 147), BMW (X1, Serie 1, Serie 3) and Volvo (S80, V70), for the newest and most prestigious models of the E class, a number of which were also present at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The P6 is destined for a target of cars with small and medium-sized engines. Launched last year, Cinturato P6 is the first renewed tyre in the Pirelli brand's history, designed to guarantee ecology, energy saving and safety and greeted with favourably by the market and specialists alike. The Cinturato P6 guarantees the maximum safety in all weather conditions. In particular, it preserves roadholding on bends and in the wet, and above all reduces braking distance, guaranteeing maximum safety for the smallest cars. Pure performance. Pirelli is confirmed as the ideal partner for the most eagerly-anticipated sports cars at the Show. In the spotlight at the German event is the P Zero collection, an Ultra High Performance product line developed by Pirelli for the most prestigious and high-performance cars. At Frankfurt this year, there was a contest between two super cars which replicate the challenge of the race track on the stands and on the road: the new Ferrari 458 Italia, a synthesis of technological innovation, creativity and Italian style and the McLaren MP4 12 C, the latest creation by the British manufacturer, which is distinguished by an even more streamlined profile. A challenge of beauty, power and technology which finds the right partner in Pirelli PZero, the most advanced product of the PZero collection, innovative in its compounds, structure and tread pattern, chosen right from the launch on the market by all the high-performance sports cars. “Made in Italy” was also represented by the Maserati-Pirelli partnership. In fact, under the spotlights of the Motor Show even the three flagships of the Maserati stable, Quattroporte, Granturismo and Grancabrio, came fitted for the occasion with Pirelli PZero tyres. Pirelli PZero also for Lamborghini. On show at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Murcielago will be fitted with PZero Corsa tyres. Designed with two different tread patterns, P Zero Corsa is the sportiest tyre in the P Zero collection, designed to guarantee total grip on bends, under acceleration and braking. These features make it ideal for the racetrack and on the road in the most demanding conditions. Finally, PZero tyre also for Gallardo and Gallardo Spider, the punchiest variant of the Lamborghini family. PZero also on the Aston Martin V12 Vantage, the Lotus Evora, the Bentley CTC, the SuperSport, the GT Speed, and the new Mulsanne. P Zero Rosso, instead, for the Swedish Volvo and Saab cars present at the Show: Volvo XC 60, Volvo S80 Executive and Saab 9-3X chose the Ultra High Performance variant of the PZero, which combines sportiness with extraordinary acoustic comfort thanks to the new tread pattern. At the Frankfurt Show there’s also room for the Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico, which will be fitted on the Volvo XC 70 and XC 60 “R design”.