Kristian Ghedina tests the SCORPION™ RALLY STR tyre

Kristian Ghedina, the most successful Italian downhill skier in the history of the Alpine Ski World Cup, was given the chance to try out the new Pirelli SCORPION™ RALLY STR. The on/off road enduro tyre specifically designed for the latest generation of adventure, dual purpose and enduro street bikes, is a real innovation in the tyre industry, managing to reconcile and encompass the best off-road performance with the features of an enduro street tyre. The new product provides traction on dirt tracks and stability at high speeds: it is easy to handle and agile on the road, providing comfort and grip in all driving conditions. The Pirelli SCORPION™ RALLY STR presents a profile optimized for on-road use thanks to the increased rubber surface in contact with the ground under the patch area. The geometry and ratio between tread height and width is totally new and an absolute novelty on the market. Thanks to these adjustments, Pirelli was able to obtain greater stability on the road without compromising off-road traction. The SCORPION™ RALLY STR tyre comes in ten different sizes, including an exclusive and customised set for the new Ducati Scrambler: the Desert Sled born between the desert and mountains of California is an openly off-road version inspired by the off-road motorcycles that made history in the United States during the sixties and seventies. On this the model, equipped with unique SCORPION™ RALLY STR studded tyres for the event, Ghedina tested the new set during a fun afternoon that combined his experience with snow and bikes and demonstrated the outstanding performance of both products. According to the former national athlete, the new tyre passed the test with flying colours and let him ride an innovative racing bike in complete safety.