LaFerrari fitted with an asymmetrical P Zero™ Corsa

LaFerrari, the latest offering from the Maranello manufacturer featuring KERS, carbon-fibre monocoque chassis and almost a thousand bhp, puts Formula One™ power and technology on the road. Drawing on its experience as a sole supplier to the ultimate motor racing championship, Pirelli has developed a bespoke tyre for LaFerrari that includes components originating from Formula One™, but with a much broader operating spectrum. One of this year’s most eagerly-awaited vehicles, the new Ferrari will be fitted with an exclusive asymmetrical P Zero™ Corsa (265/30/19 fronts and 345/30/20 rears). Pirelli engineers have worked on ensuring that the tyre provides the maximum possible contact area under all conditions of use; by developing specific strategies, Pirelli have obtained a significant reduction of the vehicle’s understeer, improving the curve entering and the grip when driving. These benefits are furthermore enhanced by an ultra-low profile shoulder providing increased cornering force and more responsive handling. One of the main areas in which development of the bespoke P Zero™ for the LaFerrari has been focused, is the asymmetrical structure of both fronts and rears, this being designed to offset the considerable forces at work on a vehicle capable of accelerating from 0 to 200 kph in 7.3 seconds. Pirelli has endeavoured to obtain optimum tyre/suspension synergy by varying the stiffness of inner and outer shoulders by around 5%: this ensures improved grip under all conditions and unwavering performance. Even the compounds of the asymmetrical P Zero™ Corsa have been optimised specifically for the new LaFerrari. Pirelli engineers have worked on the mixing process, relying on latest-generation polymers capable of guaranteeing both improved stability and greater resistance to mechanical stress.