New Diablo Superbike Pro prepares amateur and club racers for competition with Pirelli WSBK Technology

The ideal race-replica slick tyre solution dedicated to club racers preparing for competition andracing for fun users looking for long lasting trackday enjoyment. Pirelli announces the immediate availability of the new race-replica slick Diablo Superbike PRO on occasion of the pre-season World Superbike tests in Portimão, Portugal. The new tyre represents a natural link for end users to the professional racing world, extending experiences and know-how from years of WSBK activity to those devoted to competition training, trackday riding and racing for fun. All this in a rewarding package focused on performance lasting over multiple weekends, consistency throughout sessions and easy set up. Compared to Pirelli’s Diablo Superbike SC tyres, the PRO’s more flexible carcass, higher duration compounds, a new structure derived from the hypersport range and 17” sizes with similar profiles, the Diablo Superbike PRO works perfectly even with a stock chassis and suspension. Riders need not adjust their bike’s suspension to compensate for the typical movement of professional soft racing compounds, nor make the 16.5 inch wheel conversion typical of full professional setup. With a development firmly rooted in the Superbike World Championship, the Diablo Superbike PRO is painted with technology gathered from six years of experience as sole Official Tyre Supplier for the seven manufacturers and nearly 40 professional riders who set multiple track records over a dozen race weekends. However, today’s demand for more economical solutions from those passionate about on-track riding has altered the slick tyre scenario, since the semi-professional slick riding experience is now sought out by club racers for training as well as enthusiasts just for pure trackday fun. New requirements are now centered on performance lasting: using the same tyres over many weekends, a resistance to frequent entrances / exits from the pit, easy bike set up and pure fun in every condition. Pirelli has widened its racing tyre range to fulfill the needs of this new market, in addition to meeting the traditional requirements of extreme performance. At high tyre temperatures the PRO compound is characterized by a lower thermo-plasticity; a compound stiffness offering a reduced abrasion and thus improved wear, along with an increased capability to bear mechanical and thermo stresses, thus tyre behavior is predictable both in extreme and mild riding. Structurally Sound The Diablo Superbike PRO is characterized by an extremely versatile structure that adapts easily to a ‘stock’ motorcycle setup and combined with its higher duration compound guarantees maximum performances throughout more track sessions. Inside the carcass is Pirelli’s patented 0° steel belt, the backbone solution of Pirelli’s entire Diablo range of racing and supersport street products. The profile of the tyre is amazing in the corners, with massive grip at super high lean angles without the need to compensate for geometry change or install aftermarket products to properly fit the tyre in the swing-arm. The carcass’s enhanced flexibility ensures higher dampening properties to better match the long lasting compound. As a result, the tyre is very stable and handles in a uniform manner; it is very balanced in corners and stable under braking. The PRO structure is developed to control the overall tyre temperature with a consequent reduction of wear throughout all tyre components, resulting in not only longer life but more consistency of performance. The profile of the new Diablo Superbike PRO is a duplicate of the SC version which properly distributes all stresses incurred by the contact patch area, thus enlarging the footprint area to transmit fully the available horsepower to the ground. The slick tread design avoids all potential wear triggers, specifically in colder conditions, and improves the riding feeling versus standard racing DOT tyres. Diablo Superbike PRO is therefore the perfect combination of a racing profile, hyper-sport structure and a new generation of long lasting compound to deliver great braking stability and precise cornering, confidence at lean angles all the way to the maximum and optimal trajectory for the highest corner exit speeds. High Performance at a Lower Cost The real 100% potential of true professional slick tyres can be exploited only with a professional bike set up which can include special modifications (including a professional suspension system). This demands a high level of technical knowledge and can very often be extremely costly, which is not convenient for a typical racing for fun or trackday user. Therefore, Diablo Superbike PRO is designed to reach the maximum performance level of a stock bike with lasting performance and compared to racing DOT solutions of the same size and under the same conditions, will raise grip and feeling to an incredible level. Diablo Superbike PRO is the ideal solution for club racers preparing for competition and racing for fun users looking for long lasting trackday enjoyment. It is easily recognized by a red stripe which is printed on the tyre and for its red “PRO” marking on the sidewall. Diablo Superbike PRO is not homologated for street usage (NHS – not for highway service) and is available in original equipment homologated 17” sizes for the front: 120/70R17; and rear: 180/55R17 and 190/55R17, so there is no need to adjust geometry, swing-arm length or gearing to be able to fit them, just mount them and go! For tyre pricing of the Diablo Superbike PRO, please consult your local Pirelli motorcycle tyre dealer. More information regarding Pirelli’s entire range of racing tyres can be found on www.pirelli.com