Original Equipment Homologated Tyres survey by Pirelli

Consumers are mostly unaware or misunderstand the concept of Original Equipment Homologated Tyres, but after it’s explained, they are very interested and are willing to pay more for homologated tyres. According to a survey by Pirelli, which looked at the relationship between end users and the OE Homologated Tyres in Italy, Spain, Germany and UK, only a minority of consumers, selected among premium and prestige car owners, correctly understand the concept of Original Equipment Homologated tyres. After prompting, most of the end users say that they trust OE Homologated tyres more than generic ones and more than 40% are also prepared to wait longer to have them fitted. Two thirds of consumers are likely to ask for a replacement with an Original Equipment homologated tyre at their next purchase and almost half would be also willing to pay more for it. In conclusion, Original Equipment Homologated tyres represent a good business opportunity for all dealers, enabling to upsell the concept of OE Homologated tyres to their end consumers. It’s important to convey a consistent message, using different communication tools to educate consumers, so that their perceived value and potential interest can be transformed into an actual intention to buy. Pirelli has put in place a number of marketing tools aimed at supporting the dealer sales on this topic.