P Zero: State-of-the-Art Technology for Maximum Performance

P Zero: State-of-the-Art Technology for Maximum Performance The P Zero collection, which this year includes a new product for super sports cars, is Pirelli’s Ultra High Performance family developed for the higher performance cars and for the most demanding drivers, who seek driving pleasure together with safety. Created in 1987, the P Zero family dominates the high-end segment, in which Pirelli is the recognised world leader. Comfort, high performance and reliability are the features of the P Zero product, the favourite original equipment tyres for the top models from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Aston Martin, Maserati, Bentley, Jaguar, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Porsche and BMW, with whom Pirelli has always worked. The P Zero series (launched in 2007) includes the P Zero Nero, the P Zero Rosso, for sports cars, and the P Zero Corsa System, for the even faster racing type cars. P Zero is also one of the tyres developed by Pirelli for the 2009 world rally championships, for which the Milan company is the exclusive supplier until 2010. Not by chance, the production of tyres deriving from experience on the race tracks and the competition field is the element that characterises all the P Zero products. P Zero. The most recent member of the family, which in less than one year has become a reference point for the most performing sports cars. The new P Zero is the most technologically advanced product produced by Pirelli’s research team, and offers the most demanding drivers performances without precedent from all aspects: performance, comfort and safety, thanks to a range of innovative solutions developed by Pirelli and protected by 5 exclusive patents. With an innovative tread pattern, futuristic compounds and a renewed structure. P Zero Rosso. An Ultra High Performance tyre designed to combine fast driving performance with low noise thanks to the asymmetric design with wide longitudinal grooves and a tread divided laterally into three separate elements, each conceived to confer particular performance features. P Zero Nero. A tyre with an asymmetrical tread which can guarantee maximum driving safety in every situation, ensuring excellent grip on dry and wet roads, excellent handling, high resistance to aquaplaning and maximum efficiency when braking. P Zero Corsa. The sports model of the P Zero family, designed with two different treads: asymmetrical and directional. The total adherence on curves, in acceleration and braking make this particularly suitable for the race track, as well as on roads in extreme driving conditions.