P Zero™, 25 years of a brand that became history

P Zero tyres have just celebrated their 25th birthday but they don't show it. Quite the opposite - they have been able to rely on technology that is in a constant state of evolution and on a number of variables that have favoured and supported the evolution of the cars they were designed for. P Zero high performance tyres were first developed for the Sanremo Rally in 1987 and with the benefit of experience were introduced to F1 in the '80s. The P Zero brand name has left an indelible mark in the tyre industry confirming Pirelli as the world leader and it has become the point of reference for the whole sector in all its variations ranging from the Rosso to Nero and P Zero System in 2007. Innovations such as low profile and ultra-low profile tyres have been part and parcel of the P Zero series and have become standard throughout the sector. P Zero Giallo tyres were the first ever tyres to be fully derived from sport and combine high performance with a road going driver's need for comfort and safety. Thanks to 25 years of constant development, the P Zero brand has not only become the tyre of choice for car manufacturers for the initial homologation of Supercar vehicles but it is also in huge demand by drivers who insist on the absolute best in terms of performance and safety. This is the story of a product that has grown hand-in-hand with the technological development of Pirelli who, using experience gained from competition, have applied the input gained to develop UHP products. It doesn't stop there however. The evolution of Pirelli tyres continues through the involvement of the Interactive Development Process that comes under the aegis of the Motorsport Dept.  This process combines the experience and abilities of different teams of engineers and sees every tyre as the subject for continuous tests and improvement work. The P Zero range now hinges on the Corsa made for use on Supercars and the current P Zero range that characterises the innovations developed in partnership with manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Lotus, Maserati, Mercedes, McLaren and Porsche. The Silver range is part of the P Zero family and these are the first UHP tyres that share the same processes as those used in making F1 tyres. P Zero Silver tyres have been designed for drivers who enjoy driving high performance coupés and saloons and offer extended durability.