P Zero™ Trofeo R, the 2012 Track Days newcomer

The new point of contact between the on-track thrills provided by the latest extreme-performance sports cars and the highway now has two names: P Zero™ Trofeo and P Zero™ Trofeo R, two innovative ultra-low-profile road tyres mainly intended for Track Day use on a dry surface. The new P Zero™ Trofeo R (where R stands for Race) is designed to provide even greater performance when fitted to the most powerful vehicles such as Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, Lamborghini, including the MY 2012. The use of new highly aromatic oil free (HAOF) compounds and the redesigned tread pattern help to produce extraordinary results: on the one hand, a notable improvement in stability and, above all, lateral grip in the dry, on the other hand, a reduction in wear of up to 80%.When at the wheel, the tyre improves your driving experience and is easier to push to the limit. With P Zero™ Trofeo R you can fully appreciate the performance of extreme vehicles in complete safety. P Zero™ Trofeo R specifications Inner area: wide central ribs to ensure precise trajectories and alleviate the stress of accelerating and braking on the track; transversal grooves with special pattern to provide constant grip and assist braking; wide circumferential grooves to maintain grip in the wet. Outer area: solid shoulder similar to a slick but more rigid to maximise lateral grip when cornering at very high speeds and quickly changing trajectory on the track whilst maintaining complete control. A special mix of shape and functionality provides very exceptionally-high performance. P ZeroTrofeo R will be available in 11 sizes with 18”, 19” and 20” rims.