Pirelli again on target in the FIM Motocross World Championship on the occasion of the Grand Prix of Trentino at Arco

In MXGPclass Antonio Cairoli wins his home race and reduces his gap in the Championship by Tim Gajser; first career win for Jorge Prado in MX2 while his teammate Pauls Jonass is back on the top position of the Championship

Tony Cairoli action Jorge Prado action

Great show and emotions in the fifth round of the FIM Motocross World Championship, the "Grand Prix del Trentino", which was held in Pietramurata, the track located in the Alps area near Garda lake. The "Ciclamino" circuit is characterized by a very insidious soil with gravel on the surface which makes it extremely slippery. In these particular conditions Pirelli riders were able to rely on the SCORPION™ MX32™ Mid soft, front and rear, the tyres that in both classes have shown their excellent performance and great range of use.

Evgeny Bobryshev Tony Cairoli

Incredible performance by Antonio Cairoli that, on a track that he has never loved, got the victory in the MXGP class. The eight-time world champion, as he himself declared, has scored one of the best races of his career. After the success in race 1, Cairoli made a great comeback in race 2 that took him from the twenty-second to second place. Tim Gajser finished the Grand Prix in second place overall and kept the lead in the championship standings. Good races also for Evgeny Bobryshev and Gautier Paulin, fourth and fifth in the overall.

Caroli on the podium Jeffrey Herlings

First Grand Prix win for Jorge Prado in MX2. The Spaniard finished on equal points with Pauls Jonass but thanks to the best placement in the second race has grabbed the overall. Jonass got back in his hand the red plate for the championship leader from Jeremy Seewer, sixth in Arco. Excellent third place for Julien Lieber that, on his own private team, is giving an hard times to the factory riders and is fighting for the championship. To crown a triumphant day for Pirelli in MX2 class also came fourth place by Thomas Kjer Olsen and the fifth by Thomas Covington.

Pauls Jonass Kevin Strjbos

Next weekend the riders will be involved in  the  “Grand Prix of Europe" which will be hosted on the sandy track of Valkenswaard, in Netherlands.

Max Nagl Romain Febvre

Race results: MXGP race 1 1. CAIROLI Antonio (ITA) 2. TONUS Arnaud (SUI) 3. GAJSER Tim (SLO) 4. PAULIN Gautier (FRA) 5. DESALLE Clement (BEL) MXGP race 2 1. GAJSER Tim (SLO) 2. CAIROLI Antonio (ITA) 3. BOBRYSHEV Evgeny (RUS) 4. HERLINGS Jeffrey (NED) 5. DESALLE Clement (BEL) MX2 race 1 1. JONASS Pauls (LAT) 2. PRADO GARCIA Jorge (SPA) 3. LIEBER Julien (BEL) 4. BRYLYAKOV Vsevolod (RUS) 5. OLSEN Thomas Kjer (DEN)

Strijbos Tim Gajser

MX2 race 2 1. PRADO GARCIA Jorge (SPA) 2. JONASS Pauls (LAT) 3. COVINGTON Thomas (USA) 4. SEEWER Jeremy (SUI) 5. LIEBER Julien (BEL) GP Overall: MXGP 1. CAIROLI Antonio (ITA) 2. GAJSER Tim (SLO) 3. TONUS Arnaud (SUI) 4. BOBRYSHEV Evgeny (RUS) 5. PAULIN Gautier (FRA) MX2 1. PRADO GARCIA Jorge (SPA) 2. JONASS Pauls (LAT) 3. LIEBER Julien (BEL) 4. OLSEN Thomas Kjer (DEN) 5. COVINGTON Thomas (USA)

Caroli on the podium Tony Cairoli

Championship overall: MXGP 1. GAJSER Tim (SLO) p.201 2. CAIROLI Antonio (ITA) p.183 3. DESALLE Clement (BEL) p.151 4. BOBRYSHEV Evgeny (RUS) p.145 5. PAULIN Gautier (FRA) p.145 6. VAN HOREBEEK Jeremy (BEL) p.144 MX2 1. JONASS Pauls (LAT) p.192 2. SEEWER Jeremy (SUI) p.183 3. LIEBER JULIEN (BEL) p.175 4. KJER OLSEN Thomas (DEN) p.158 5. PATUREL Benoit (FRA) p.147 6. VAN DONINCK Brent (BEL) p.123