Pirelli and Ducati Scrambler together for the special edition by Vibrazioni® Art Design

The special edition that will be introduced on 22 May at the London “Bike Shed” is called the “SC-Rumble” In line with the versions of the Scrambler, the bike is fitted with Pirelli MT 60™ RS tyres with the tread replicated on the tank along with the Ducati Scrambler logo “SC-Rumble” will begin a trip from the British capital that will take it to Biarritz, where it will participate in the “Wheels and Waves” event


The technical collaboration between Pirelli and Ducati is an example of successful synergy between two Italian greats which has also involved the new brand from Borgo Panigale: Ducati Scrambler. In fact, all the versions of the Scrambler are fitted with Pirelli MT 60™RS tyres, developed specifically for the iconic Italian bike. Thanks to this strong bond, the two companies decided to collaborate on the artistic aspect as well, commissioning Vibrazioni® Art Design to create a work of art on the two-wheeler. And so the “SC-Rumble” was born, a special edition manufactured as a single unit. Based on the Scrambler base which, on the two sides of the tank, has a rubber sheet which is laser inscribed with the tread design of the factory tyres, and the Ducati Scrambler logo.

“SC-Rumble” by Vibrazioni® Art Design will be introduced to the press on 22 May for the London Bike Shed, an event dedicated to special bikes where the public will be able to admire it on Saturday 23 May and Sunday 24 May. Then, from the British capital, “SC-Rumble” will leave on a trip that will take it to the French town of Biarritz where it will participate in the “Wheels and Waves” show scheduled from 11 to 14 June. Anyone who would like can come along on the trip, which will be documented daily on the Ducati Scrambler Facebook page www.facebook.com/scramblerducati and the Pirelli Moto Facebook page www.facebook.com/pirellimoto. Vibrazioni® Art Design immediately embraced the project by Pirelli and Ducati that led to the creation of the "SC-Rumble". The name of this special edition maintains the Scrambler theme, emphasising the new, more warlike personality and a partiality for dusty, dirt roads.

Pirelli MT 60 RS - rearFull Throttle

The "SC-Rumble" keeps the factory equipment Pirelli MT 60™ RS tyres mounted on solid rims. The factory frame was shortened at the rear and all the original superstructures were removed in favour of a monocoque frame made from recycled industrial sheet metal bins, hand hammered and shaped maintaining the original colours. The monocoque frame was then painted with a glossy finish polyurethane clearcoat in order to accentuate its shine and to give the surface a look which is smooth to the touch. The top fairing, made from hand shaped aluminium like the side panels, houses the headlight made from billet aluminium, with a smoked lens that has a circular LED light guide inside which is inspired by the factory Ducati Scrambler headlight. The high exhaust is based on the dedicated Termignoni aftermarket model with a hand-crafted silencer.

The bike's set up and riding settings were modified thanks to the use of a rear shock absorber with a lengthened centre-to-centre distance, made to measure, and the replacement of the factory handlebar with one from the Ducati Streetfighter, which gives it a tighter and more reactive ride. The decorations on one side of the tank have the words Ducati Scrambler hand painted and on the other they emphasise the texture of the Pirelli MT 60™ RS tyre tread pattern, laser inscribed on nitride rubber and applied within the body of the tank itself. MT 60™ RS is the tyre designed by Pirelli for the Ducati Scrambler, introduced to the market by the manufacturer from Borgo Panigale on the Icon, Urban Enduro, Full Throttle and Classic versions. The 3.00’’ x 18’’ front wheels and the 5.50’’ x 17’’ rear wheels that the Ducati Scrambler mounts are, in fact, fitted with the new enduro-street Pirelli MT 60™ RS 110/80 R18 tyres on the front and 180/55 R17 on the rear, specifically created for the Scrambler with a unique knob design that provides excellent performance on any terrain. Scrambler is a brand that includes bike, apparel and personalising accessories. The Ducati Scrambler is available in four versions, Icon, Urban Enduro, Full Throttle and Classic, which are just the tip of the iceberg to meet the needs and tastes of various types of bikers. Thanks to the wide range of accessories, anyone can create their own Scrambler. The Ducati Scrambler is not a vintage bike, but rather the ideal result of how the famous bike from Borgo Panigale would be today if Ducati had never stopped producing it.
MT 60™ RS has always been a reference product in the enduro street segment thanks to its ability to combine sport street performance with traction on unpaved roads. In developing the new sizes that Ducati requested for the four versions of the Scrambler, Pirelli completely redesigned the MT 60™ RS in terms of specifications and performance.

Pirelli MT 60 RSSC-Rumble

Vibrazioni® Art Design is a multifaceted company located in the Romagnolo countryside that operates in the design field, primarily in interior decoration. Strongly inspired by a passion for engines, it has applied the philosophy that characterises all of its products to the motorcycle sector as well. Vibrazioni® Art Design is specialised in working with sheet metal recycled from industrial bins from the chemical, petrochemical and food sector, hand worked and inspired by old school craftsmanship. This allows them to create highly evocative products with a balanced blend of past and present and a strong aesthetic impact that makes them iconic and capable of triggering a luxury "short-circuit". More pictures are available in the press area.