Pirelli and GB Environment to bring particulate filters into Scandinavian, Finland and Baltic markets

Pirelli Eco Technology's particulate filters allow for an average reduction of more than 95% of diesel engine particulate emissions

Milan (Italy), 17 February 2009 - Pirelli Eco Technology, the company within the Pirelli Group operating in the field of technologies for control of polluting emissions, signed a partnership with Swedish Diesel Particulate Filter specialist GB Environment Consulting AB in order to introduce and distribute the new Pirelli Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) systems and spare parts in Scandinavian, Finland and the Baltic markets.

Pirelli Diesel Particulate Filter systems, called Feelpure™, are produced using silicon carbide, a thermal-shock-resistant ceramic material, and allow for an average reduction in particulate matter emitted by diesel engines of more than 95% and the abatement of 50% of NO2. With this new partnership, Pirelli Eco Technology continues to pursue its growth strategy across Europe. Over the last few months the company has begun sales of its solution in the UK, Germany, Italy and Benelux. Pirelli designs and develops the entire filtering system, made up of a replacing muffler comprising a filter, a catalytic converter (optional) and a regeneration system (control unit and additive). Pirelli DPFs are VERT-tested, homologated by the RDW for the Dutch market, certified LEC for the London Low Emission Zone, BAFU-certified for Switzerland, homologated for Italy and Denmark and are undergoing testing for homologation in Germany.

"We are extremely proud of the partnership we signed with GB Environment Consulting AB" said Stefano Sanchini, General Sales Manager of Pirelli Eco Technology. "GB Environment fullfils our mandatory requests of reliability, after sales service capability, market knowledge and technological skills in the DPF business."

Göran Blohm, owner of GB Environment Consulting AB, welcomes Pirelli Feelpure to the Scandinavian Market. "Our Company has got offers from many Particlefilter producers over the last year to represent them but all were refused from me, I waited for Pirelli, I followed the development of the Feelpure System and we know today that we represent one of the best and most reliable Particlefilter system in the world based on additive regeneration. We are also proud to see that the Feelpure is approved from VERT (the hardest filter system test in the world )" said Göran Blohm.


About Pirelli Eco Technology
Pirelli Eco Technology is the company within the Pirelli Group active in solutions for sustainable mobility and reduction of emissions of diesel engines with the production of  particulate filters (Feelpure™) and a "white diesel" (Gecam™). Filter systems for buses and heavy vehicles already in circulation (retrofit) are manufactured in the factory in Arese in the province of Milan. A new factory in Romania began manufacturing original equipment filters for cars in late 2008.
For more information: www.pirelliecotechnology.com

About GB Environment Consulting AB,
GB Environment Consulting AB based in the south of Sweden, close to Malmö, is a leading Company in Scandinavia,Finland, Iceland and the Baltic countries for development and distributing dieselcleaning products such as  soot and particlefilter, oxidation and lpg catalysts, sparkarrestors and silencers.
The company is led by MR Göran Blohm, who has a long experience of handling the problems around cleaning dieselexhaust from gaseous pollutions and sootparticulates.
To spread the sales to other Nordic and Baltic countries the company is active searching for local distributors.
Mr Blohm is a member of the famous and wellrespected AKPF ( Arbeitskreis Partiklefilter ), a Swissbased International expertgroup.