Pirelli: Extraordinary Shareholders' meeting

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S.p.A. undertakes no obligation to release publicly the results of any revisions to these forward looking statements which may be made to reflect events and circumstances after the date of the materials. EXTRAORDINARY SHAREHOLDERS’ MEETING OF PIRELLI & C. SPA: • RESOLVED TO CANCEL THE PAR VALUE OF THE SHARES AND REVERSE SPLIT ORDINARY AND SAVINGS SHARES INTO 1 NEW SHARE FOR EVERY 11 SHARES IN THE SAME CATEGORY HELD • APPROVED THE SEPARATION OF PIRELLI RE FROM THE PIRELLI GROUP THROUGH A REDUCTION OF THE SHARE CAPITAL OF PIRELLI & C. Milan, 15 July 2010 – The shareholders of Pirelli & C. S.p.A. met in an extraordinary session and resolved upon cancellation of the par value of the ordinary and savings shares, as well as a reverse stock split of the shares in a ratio of 1 new ordinary share or 1 new savings share for every 11 shares in the same category held, as well as on the subsequent amendments to the By-laws. Following the reverse stock split, the total number of outstanding shares will be reduced to 487,991,493 shares, with no par value, of which 475,740,182 ordinary shares and 12,251,311 savings shares. The reverse stock split will be made effective presumably on Monday 26 July 2010 (or in the event of technical delays, the following Monday, 2 August), in accordance with the regulations applicable to the authorized intermediaries participating to the Monte Titoli centralized management system, at no cost to shareholders. The exact timing and details will be communicated to the market in a timely way. Following the cancellation of the par value of the shares and the reverse stock split, the shareholders also approved, further to an amendment to Article 5 of the By-laws, the separation of Pirelli RE from the Pirelli Group by way of proportional assignment to ordinary and savings shareholders of 487,231,561 ordinary shares of Pirelli RE held by Pirelli & C.. To this end, the shareholders approved a reduction of the share capital in an amount equal to Euro 178,813,982.89, corresponding to the value of the Pirelli RE stake being assigned, determined on the basis of the official price of Pirelli RE shares as of 14 July 2010. It is expected that the assignment of the Pirelli RE shares, in the ratio of one ordinary share of Pirelli RE for each ordinary or savings share of Pirelli & C. held after the reverse stock split, will be completed within the month of October, after the term provided by the applicable law has elapsed.