Pirelli Faces Double Asphalt Challenge In France And Spain

Milan, 10 October 2005 - Run back-to-back, the Tour of Corsica in France and Spain 's Catalunya Rally are both asphalt events which nonetheless offer very different challenges. Corsica , the first rally of the pair, takes place on twisty mountain roads characterised by a number of surface changes and uncertain weather. The Tour of Corsica is one of the most legendary events on the calendar, whereas the format for the Catalunya Rally is all-new for this year, with the event based for the first time in Tarragona . This means that all the stages this year will be new, but they retain the characteristics which have made Catalunya famous. The roads are fast and flowing and reasonably wide: the closest that rallying comes to circuit racing! But as the event is run at high altitude in October, rain is again a distinct possibility. A versatile yet fast tyre which can cope well with a wide variety of conditions is therefore crucial. Pirelli's three partner teams - Subaru, Peugeot and Mitsubishi - will use two types of tyre in France and Spain: the RX and the RE. As always, the P Zero range is equipped with Pirelli's EMI anti-deflation system. FOR ASPHALT STAGES IN NORMAL CONDITIONS RX (Size: 225/650-18) Steps: 5, 7 and 9 (with evolution) Description: The RX will be the base tyre for France and Spain , designed to provide good all-round performance in an ample variety of asphalt conditions. The tyre will be supplied in three different compounds, to take into account the wide range of weather, and can be hand-cut in to disperse rain and loose gravel, which is a frequent problem on asphalt rallies where cars 'cut' the corners. FOR ASPHALT STAGES IN WET CONDITIONS RE (Size: 225/650-18) Steps: 7 and 9 (with evolution) Description: The RE has a full wet tread pattern to cope with the wettest conditions. It provides the best possible grip by rapidly cutting through the layers of water on the stages and dispersing it to prevent aquaplaning. The RE9, the softest tyre in the range, will be used for very cold and wet conditions. NB. The higher the step number, the softer the tyre compound. JUNIOR WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP Corsica and Catalunya are the seventh and eighth (final) rounds of the Junior World Rally Championship, equipped exclusively by Pirelli. The JWRC cars will have at their disposal high-durability RS7 tyres (the championship rules do not allow anti-deflation mousse) for use in dry conditions. The RS pattern was the forerunner of the RX, and provides good grip and durability on dry asphalt. If it rains, the Junior crews will use an RE7 tyre, which has a full wet tread pattern. For more information and pictures on Pirelli's motorsport activities visit: www.pirellicompetizioni.com