Pirelli introduces its first all-season tyre to Europe

The perfect all-purpose tyre for drivers of city cars

Pirelli’s latest tyre is the only aftermarket all-season tyre with “seal inside” technology, which repairs itself if punctured

Pirelli Cinturato All Season wins its first test, by prestigious magazine Autobild, straight out of the box

The sunshine of Taormina, the cold from the snowy peaks of Mount Etna, and the frost on the hillside roads of Acireale. Pirelli has chosen Sicily, where at this time of the year all four seasons are found on one island, to launch its new Cinturato All Season tyre in Europe. This latest product enhances Pirelli’s line-up by offering a tyre that works equally well throughout the year, in accordance with all local laws and offering the highest standards of safety on every road surface. It is perfect in summer, without any of the performance drop-off seen by winter tyres in hot conditions, and works just as well in non-extreme winter conditions – as typically seen in towns and cities. In fact, the Cinturato All Season delivers its very best performance in those conditions where having either a summer tyre or a winter tyre would be a compromise. Pirelli has created a genuinely all-purpose tyre that allows the car owner to just ‘arrive and drive’ – whatever the conditions. Thanks to the Cinturato All Season every motorist can sleep easily at night, saving time by not having to carry out the traditional seasonal tyre change, and also feeling the reassurance of Pirelli’s Seal Inside technology, which automatically seals up the hole in the event of a puncture, meaning that journeys can continue uninterrupted. WHO IT IS FOR. Pirelli continues to recommend winter tyres for performance cars and extreme conditions, but the company also wanted to satisfy people who prefer a single tyre due to their particular pattern of vehicle usage, rather than alternating between summer and winter tyres. The new Cinturato All Season is aimed at owners of city cars, who aren’t looking for extreme performance and who don’t cover a huge number of kilometres per year. In particular, the new Pirelli tyre is aimed at women, young drivers, and second family cars, with the idea of not just offering a tyre but an actual ‘service’ that makes life easier: ideal for those who live in large and busy cities, where winter conditions are never that extreme. The All Season is designed for recently manufactured cars with small to medium engines, and it will be available in 15-inch, 16-inch and 17-inch versions. By the end of 2015, there will be 21 different sizes of All Season tyre. TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT. The biggest challenge that Pirelli’s engineers faced when developing this new tyre was to come up with a product that brought the best of a summer tyre and the best of a winter tyre together in one package. To achieve this, the creators of the tyre started off with a directional tread pattern design, which optimises water expulsion through two wide longitudinal and lateral channels, reducing the risk of aquaplaning. Thanks to this innovative design, noise has also been reduced, both on the outside of the car (in accordance with increasingly stringent European noise legislation) and also on the inside of the car, enhancing driving enjoyment. Another distinctive characteristic of the new Cinturato All Season is 3D sipe technology. The All Season tread pattern is conceived so that both on wet and dry surfaces the 3D sipes can help improve performance under braking and in corners, by optimising the movement of the tread blocks. This ensures even wear and so prolongs tyre life. On snowy surfaces the tread blocks open up to capture snow and provide excellent roadholding. For that reason, the All Season is distinguished by the distinctive snowflake and mountain symbol as well as an M+S (mud and snow) marking, which guarantee complete safety in winter conditions. The final step of development on which Pirelli’s engineers concentrated was the tread pattern compound. Thanks to Full Silica technology, Pirelli was able to devise a compound capable of performing at its best throughout a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. The optimal distribution of silica within the compound and use of latest-generation polymers have allowed the thermal capacity of the tyre to be greatly improved. The combination of all these technical innovations earned the new Cinturato All Season a win straight out of the box in one of the most prestigious tests published by the global specialist media. The new All Season claimed first place in a comparative test organised by authoritative German magazine ‘Autobild’, where it gained a verdict of ‘exemplary’. This was thanks to “stable lateral grip and excellent roadholding in the wet.” The German magazine also praised the tyre’s “safety in aquaplaning conditions, precise direction, and pleasant driving feel on both wet and dry surfaces.” SEAL INSIDE. Pirelli’s latest tyre is the only aftermarket All Season tyre available with Seal Inside technology. Cinturato All Season (in the most popular sizes) is equipped with this new construction technology that allows journeys to continue without loss of tyre pressure in the event of a puncture caused by an object up to 4mm in diameter. If this happens, a sealant within the tyre forms an airtight seal that wraps around the foreign object as soon as it penetrates the tyre, ensuring that air doesn’t escape and the tyre stays up. When the object is eventually removed, the sealant itself plugs the resulting gap. The sealant is protected by a special film before the tyre is even mounted onto a wheel, ensuring maximum effectiveness. Seal Inside technology provides another advantage for the consumer by ensuring greater safety and peace of mind, given that 85% of cases where tyres lose pressure are caused by penetration from foreign objects. This technology can also be used on any type of vehicle as it does not require specific rims or a tyre pressure monitoring system. THE ALL SEASON MARKET. According to a recent study (Research and Markets), the All Season sector in Europe is expanding, with a yearly growth rate of double digit from 2013-2018. GFK’s data currently shows the European All Season market at around 4%, representing a growth of 50% compared to last year and with a further increase predicted in the coming months, as indicated by the previous study. Pirelli could not ignore this growing demand, and so has brought an exciting and innovative new premium product to the lower end of the market. Documents, pictures and videos are available at: https://connect.pirelli.com Username: AllSeason Password: Pirelli@2015