Pirelli is a Partner in World Superbike Championship

The Italian tire manufacturer is the exclusive supplier since 2003 with the Diablo tires

Contract renewed until 2012 for the "Commitment to the drivers, teams, entertainment and competition."

Portimão, 23 January 2009 - On this new Circuit in the Algarve in Portugal officially opens the sixth consecutive season with Pirelli as the sole supplier of tires for all teams competing in the World Superbike Championship. There is now a solid relationship between the Pirelli and the most spectacular teams in the world racing on two wheels, a relationship born in 2003 when Pirelli, the world's leading motorcycle tire producer, won the official tender for the supply of tires. This was an exclusive contract which originated by FGSport (now Infront Motor Sports), organizer of the World Superbike, a role which Pirelli re-confirmed at the end of 2005 for three years until 2009, and where again in June of last year renewed a second time for years 2010 - 2012.

Justification of the confirmation of the supply contract was "The solid commitment from Pirelli, working alongside the organizers, teams and drivers, has helped revitalization the Championship in over the past several years. The quality made available for all teams in the race and the consistency of performance demonstrated by Pirelli Diablo tires, has ensured equal treatment for all competing teams and riders. This sportsmanship and show performance, confirmed by the podium rotation on the podium and the satisfaction of the team and pilots who, after initial hesitation, have appreciated the choice made by the promoter in 2003 in favor of a single supplier of tires."

"Knowing how strong the racing DNA of Pirelli is for us, it's a great satisfaction to have become a point of reference for this difficult and crucial role in the championship," commented Giorgio Barbier, Head of the Racing for Pirelli Motorcycle Division. "We know that the challenge is not easy but we have shown in recent years to have the potential to better understand this role, to the benefit of the show but also the growth of product quality that will end up on the market."

During the course of a season, Pirelli develops 40 solutions just for World SBK. Each round of the World Championship is supported by Pirelli with 8 support vehicles, and about 6500 tires (which must be industrialized products due to the quantities needed and the constraints of maximum uniformity), and about 30 people between technicians and experts who provide technical advice and the mounting / dismounting of tires to all drivers of different classes.