Pirelli: Italian leader in corporate governance

The corporate governance model of Pirelli & C. has been rated by GMI (Governance Metrics International) the best in Italy, with a 10/10 score given by the company, which specializes in corporate governance research. GMI's latest 'Country Ranking' (September 2008) assigned an average rating of 5.32/10 to Italy.

In addition to placing in the top slot on a national basis, Pirelli also received a rating of 9/10 in the ranking that includes 4,162 companies evaluated on a worldwide basis, finishing among the highest-ranking companies in the 'Automobile and Components' category, where the average score was 5/10.

Governance Metrics International (GMI) is a corporate governance research and ratings firm, which ranked as 'Top Corporate Governance Research Firm' in the 2009 Thomson Reuters Extel Survey. The results Pirelli obtained are confirmation of the attention the Pirelli Group reserves to its corporate governance, consistently adopting national and international best practices as its own.