Pirelli launches the Cinturato All Season in Europe

Pirelli introduces its first all-season tyre to Europe, the Cinturato All Season. Perfect in summer, reliable in winter: this all-purpose tyre represents an excellent solution all year round, in accordance with national regulations and with the highest security standards on every kind of road surface. The Cinturato All Season offers uncompromising quality and performance for everyday driving in traffic, in not extreme winter conditions too. The new Cinturato All Season is intended for medium and city cars owners who are not looking for extreme performances and who are driving reduced annual distances. Pirelli designed this new cutting-edge product especially to meet the needs of women, young people and family car owners, aiming at offering the perfect solution for motorists driving in urban areas where winter conditions are never extreme. Moreover, the latest addition to Pirelli’s range is the only aftermarket All Season tyre available with Seal Inside technology. In the most popular sizes, the Cinturato All Season is equipped with this new construction technology that allows journey to continue without loss of tyre pressure in the event of a puncture caused by an object up to 4mm in diameter. If this happens, a sealant within the tyre forms an airtight seal that wraps around the foreign object as soon as it penetrates the tyre, ensuring that air doesn’t escape and the tyre stays up. When the object is eventually removed, the sealant itself plugs the resulting gap. The sealant is protected by a special film before the tyre is even mounted onto a wheel, ensuring maximum effectiveness. Seal Inside technology provides another advantage for the consumer by ensuring greater safety and peace of mind, given that 85% of cases where tyres lose pressure are caused by penetration from foreign objects. This technology can also be used on any type of vehicle as it does not require specific rims or a tyre pressure monitoring system. The new Cinturato All Season is going to be available in sizes 15'', 16'' and 17'' on small or medium vehicles, favoring models of recent production. By the end of 2015, the All Season will be available in 21 sizes.