Pirelli launches the very first app designed for rallying

The app, available now for both IOS and Android, will be a vital tool to help manage tyres during events

Pirelli has launched a new app that will simply be called Pirelli Competizioni: exactly the same name as Pirelli’s famous sporting arm that has been at the forefront of motorsport for more than 100 years. This latest app may evoke motorsport history, but it’s actually the very first app to be designed specifically for rally competitors. The purpose of the app is to help them to manage those four crucial points of contact between the car and the ground: the tyres. The new Competizioni app has been developed from Pirelli’s renowned philosophy of customer care, in order to offer a valuable post-sales service to rally drivers who use Pirelli tyres. Before, during, or after each event, crews can easily consult the app and have at their disposal all the information they need to understand, choose and manage their tyres throughout the competition. It’s possible to do this in both English and Italian. The app was inspired specifically by all the questions and detailed needs of competitors carefully identified by Pirelli’s rally engineers over the years. In its first incarnation, the app will be available for the European Rally Championship and Italian Rally Championship, and it is available for download right now on both IOS and Android. Here is a basic guide to how it works: PRODUCTS. In this area, you can find in-depth information about Pirelli’s range of rally tyres organised by type, with comprehensive technical and usage details. This enables amateur drivers in particular to develop an exhaustive bank of knowledge about each and every tyre available, helping them to choose the right tyres for the right occasion. TYRE USAGE. To get a top result, it’s not enough just to choose the right tyres: you also have to know how to use and manage them in the best possible way. Each compound, for example, needs to be handled differently when it comes to temperatures and pressures. This section is where users can find out the best way to manage the tyres, in order to extract the maximum possible performance and increase their tyre knowledge. LIVE INFO. This is the most innovative section of the app, allowing rally crews access to a Pirelli chat window to talk about tyres in real time. All registered users will have access to Pirelli’s advice on which tyres to choose at every point in the competition. Following the app’s launch, this tool will be extended to all major national rally championships, starting with the Italian Rally Championship and British Rally Championship, as well as the European Rally Championship. MY PIRELLI TYRES. This tool serves as a passport for the tyres that you have already. It acts like a personalised database for every tyre, containing details of each one as well as information about how to get the best out of them. Using this function, the crew can also read the barcode on each tyre using the camera on a smartphone in order to record details of how exactly the tyres are fitted and used. A list of barcodes utilised per event can be automatically generated and sub-divided into different sections of each rally if required, which can then be sent to specific users or printed out on paper. This function helps to keep track of any changes in the position of each tyre on the car (if tyres are swapped between stages) and also makes sure that drivers don’t go beyond any set limit of tyres allowed per event, thanks to a specially designed warning system. The video of the App is available at the following link: youtu.be/cZVrLgzhL0g


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