Pirelli announces that, reporting directly to the Chairman and CEO Marco Tronchetti Provera, the role of General Manager Operations has been constituted and will be held by Gregorio Borgo, at present head of the Asia-Pacific region. The re-organization, approved today by the Board of Directors, aims to maximize oversight of the business and geographical coordination of all operational activities linked to product development and management. As well as General Manager Operations, the Chairman will maintain as direct reports the Chief Technical Officer and staff functions. Reporting to the General Manager Operations will be the organizational units linked to operations management (Industrial Operations, Supply Chain, Product and Original Equipment Aftermarket and Marketing), the Industrial and Moto Business Units, as well as the different Regions (Africa, Middle East and India, Asia-Pacific, Central Europe, North West Europe, South Europe, Latam, Nafta and Russia and Nordics). The goal is to reinforce industrial and commercial synergies to better support commercial development, in the context of ever more competitive markets. With regard to overall governance and coordination, the Regions will continue to report directly to the Chairman and CEO. The Chief Technical Officer, Maurizio Boiocchi, will continue to maintain as his direct reports the Product, Processes, Quality, Original Equipment and Motorsport areas, all strongly linked to research, innovation and homologation with car makers, the last a fundamental plank in the implementation of the premium strategy. These areas will report to the Chief Technical Officer also at the various Country levels. The present organization, which was decided upon to spread and consolidate best practices between headquarters and the Regions, is therefore evolving towards a model which sees the displacement of the role of Chief Commercial Officer, held until now by Andrea Pirondini. Mr. Pirondini will leave the Company at the end of 2013 and the Chairman and Board of Directors wish to convey their deepest thanks to him for his fruitful work. Born in Turin in 1964, Gregorio Borgo holds a degree in Political and Economic Sciences. He entered Pirelli in 1992 and has held a variety of roles, in particular in the marketing and commercial areas. His long career in the group has included work in the Car and Truck business units, as well as the opportunity to develop his experience at Pirelli’s headquarters in Milan and at the international level, from North America to Japan to China. He has, in fact, been CEO of the Asia-Pacific Region since 2011.


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