Milan (Italy),


The Italian tyre manufacturer offers the know-how of its technical and racing department to improve the realism of the gaming experience with regards to tyres

From information related to pressure to tyres’ warm up times, from coefficients of grip to tread wear dynamics: Pirelli contributes with its technical and racing experience to the new simulation game RiMS Racing by RaceWard Studio. The tyre represents the only point of contact between the motorcycle and the road surface; it is therefore a fundamentally important component in the modelling of a simulator.

RiMS Racing is a brand new motorcycle simulation concept developed by RaceWard Studio and published by Nacon. The video game is based on a unique and innovative concept that blends the adrenaline of riding on two wheels with the deep mechanical knowledge of the motorcycle; the two aspects equally influencing the player's chances of success.

Available to the gamer there are eight of the most powerful and fastest supersports motorcycles in the world and, thanks to the close collaboration with each motorcycle manufacturer, they have been reproduced in the game with a very high level of detail in order to offer an accurate and realistic riding experience.

At any time during the game, the gamer has the possibility to analyse the state of the motorcycles and its components, such as the temperature of the brakes and the pressure of the tyres. Furthermore, every single spare part can be disassembled and replaced, showing the mechanical operations involved in detail and in a realistic way.

Regarding tyres, gamers will have access to Pirelli products from the complete range of DIABLO Superbike slick tyres, available in different compounds from super soft SCX to medium SC2, to solutions created to perform in case of adverse weather such as DIABLO Rain. Also present in the game will be DIABLO Supercorsa SP road tyres, which in the real world is original equipment of four of the eight bikes available in the game, and the brand new DIABLO ROSSO IV, making its absolute debut in the gaming scene.

Claudio Zanardo, Senior Vice President Pirelli Moto & Cycling, commented on the agreement: "Riding the bikes we love most on consoles and PC screens is an increasingly frequent passion. There are many seasoned motorcyclists who also have fun in the virtual world, which is why realism is essential to offer an experience close to reality. For several years now, the development of new tyres has gone through 3D modelling, so our contribution on tyre performance helps riding simulators deliver sensations that are closer to those we know well about real motorcycles”.

RiMS Racing will be released worldwide on August 19th on major gaming platforms and PC.