Pirelli releases The Angel St: the first Motorcycle Tyre with a double soul

New Sport Touring tyre with the Face of an Angel and the Heart of a Demon, with a changing tread design and footprint on the ground

Available since the end of January, it is devoted to motorcyclists who like to travel distances in safety and comfort without sacrificing the sport-performance needed for the curves

World dynamic launch at the Nardò Technical Center (of Italy) during the record-setting attempt of two 24-hour Duration World Records

Nardò (Italy) March 14th, 2009 - Pirelli presents a dynamic launch at the Nardò Technical Center Lecce, Italy the Angel ST, the motorcycle tyre with a changing tread pattern and footprint design on the ground: first the gentle facade of an Angel, then the resulting Demon, representing at the same time the double soul of the product - reliable and sporty. Angel ST is dedicated to riders who love to travel by motorcycle and thus favor reliability, safety and durability.  This double soul matches the alternate desires of Sport Tourers, who at the right times, do not want to sacrifice the thrills of the curve and the emotion of acceleration.

Currently available on the market, the Angel ST is the result of innovative technology solutions such as Enhanced Contact Patch (EPT) for maximization of contact patch, Ideal Contour Shaping (ICS) for efficient tread groove placement, and the well known 0° steel belt, updated with a new end count (thinner) solution for improved handling performance and to reduce the weight of the entire belt system. The goal is to meet motorcyclists' demands with a product which merges the traditional sporty characteristics of Pirelli with the demands of security and reliability, as well as value for the money.

Pirelli established a partnership with Sony Pictures for communications activities surrounding the Angels & Demons movie, a movie with actor Tom Hanks debuting in theatres this May, for which Pirelli supplied tires for several scenes. The themes of the movie as well as Dan Brown's book on which the movie is based help to reinforce the personality and duality of the Angel ST.

Angel ST's dynamic launch is held at the Nardò Technical Center in Italy, the location of two 24-hour Duration World Record setting attempts measured by distance and average speed, as well as various records in between ranging from 10km to 1,000km. Pirelli's technical staff returned to this venue to potentially add additional records to those set 9 years ago at the same location. The dynamic debut of the Angel ST by way of duration record-setting attempts demonstrates not only the Angel ST 's safety and high speed stability, but also its durability and overall sport performance, since the participants will circle the ring of Nardò a distance of almost 5,000 km, simulating a road tour distance at normal speeds from Miami to San Francisco, Seattle, New York and back to Miami, all in one 24-hour period.

Pirelli testing department's outdoor activities are unmatched by competitors in the motorcycle sector, having made product performance demonstrations in the past from the North Cape to Dakar for the SCORPION TRAIL and Anchorage, AK to Key West, FL for the NIGHT DRAGON. "Our testing department is a strategic component to our success," remarks Guglielmo Fiocchi, General Director of the Pirelli Motorcycle Tire Division. "Not only do they make tests over countless kilometers in order to provide adequate feedback to R&D, but their willingness to take on these amazing rides and record attempts together with the media and our customers demonstrates the passion of the whole group."

From a technical point of view, largely due to a trend-setting tread design, compound mixtures and innovative structure, this new Pirelli motorcycle tyre ensures incredible stability, maximum grip on dry and wet and considerable product life.  Angel ST fits with sport-touring motorcycles (such as Yamaha FJR1300, Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa and Kawasaki GTR 1400) and is designed for the needs of daily two-wheel riders, who often transform on the weekend to adventurous travelers who enjoy taking the route on the highway while watching out for curvy roads which allow flashes of exciting riding - but always in complete safety.

For more information on the new Pirelli ANGEL ST, please visit our home on the web: http://www.pirellityre.com/web/motorcycle/.