Pirelli SCORPION™ Trail II wins the enduro street tyre comparative test carried out by the British magazine RiDE

Strengthened by this further recognition, the Milanese brand reaches eleven successes achieved in tyre comparisons, confirming its undisputed and long lived supremacy in the segment

Milano, 16 September 2019 – Pirelli SCORPION™ Trail II is once again confirmed as the best tyres in the enduro street segment. In this case, it was the prestigious British magazine RiDE which in the November issue, (currently on newsstands), dedicated a comprehensive article detailing the results of the comparison test to decide the best road tyres for adventure bikes.

The British magazine compared SCORPION™ Trail II with Metzeler TOURANCE™ Next, Michelin Anakee Adventure, Dunlop Trailsmart Max, Bridgestone Adventure A41 and Continental Trail Attack 3 electing the Italian tyre as the clear winner of the group test. .SCORPION™ Trail II scored 92 points out of a total of 100 up for grabs, achieving two points more than the Continental Trail Attack 3 and four more than the Bridgestone Adventure A41. The remaining tyres tested were more detached from them, scoring below 80 points.


Matt Wildee and Bruce Dunn, testers of the magazine with over 20 years of experience in motorcycle and tyre testing, decided to proceed by doing a ‘blind test’, to keep them from knowing which tyres were mounted on the bike at different times of the test. This ensured maximum impartiality and not to be influenced by preconceptions related to their knowledge of the brands involved. Each of the two testers thoroughly tested each set, Wildee focusing on values such as warm-up speed and stability while Dunn focused on outright performance. Both Wildee and Dunn assigned to each set of tyres a score out of ten on factors such as steering, confidence, stability, ride quality and feel. In addition, operating temperatures and stopping distance in emergency braking at 70 mph (about 113 kms/h) were measured. The test was conducted on a 22-mile (35 kms) diverse trip in dry conditions and with a temperature of 22 degrees, using the pressures suggested by the motorcycle manufacturer. A Suzuki V-Strom 1000 was chosen for the test because it lacked sophisticated traction controls and refined suspension that could have influenced the result. 

SCORPION™ Trail II achieves the highest score among the tested tyre sets with regard to the steering, the confidence and feel, obtaining high scores also for stability and ride quality.The final verdict of the magazine on SCORPION™ Trail II is clear: "A great set of tyres that improve our V-Strom in every aspect, with no trade-off. They make it feel lighter, easier to ride and more fun. " 

This is how the trail of successes achieved by Pirelli SCORPION ™ Trail II continues, confirming itself at the top of the enduro street segment and which, since its introduction on the market in 2015, has achieved eleven successes in the tyre comparisons carried out by the most prestigious European magazines, thus entering the history books of the most successful tyres in the Pirelli motorcycle range.