Compared to 2022, rear allocation has been revised towards softer choices: out goes SC1 and in comes SCQ

Pirelli has decided to bring softer rear tyres, compared to those chosen in 2022, for the Indonesian round of the FIM Superbike World Championship, the second in the calendar after Australia’s kick-off round. In the light of the data collected in November, when the last race was held in Mandalika, Pirelli was able to verify that the new asphalt is not excessively abrasive but can reach quite high temperatures. The soft solutions at the rear are therefore the ideal choice because they are able to guarantee better grip. For this reason, this year the medium SC1 solution is no longer present in the rear tyre allocation and instead the extra soft SCQ has been included, which will be used in Superpole and, if the conditions are suitable, also in the Superpole Race.


  • Front: the new 2023 standard solutions are confirmed: medium SC1 and hard SC2. Given that Mandalika is a circuit that puts stress on the front tyre, last year the SC2 solution was by far the most used.
  • Rear: three options, two of which can always be used and one only for qualifying and Superpole Race. Those available throughout the weekend are the super soft SCX-A (development spec. B0800) and the soft SC0, the latter being the most chosen from last year. For Superpole and the Superpole Race there will also be the extra soft SCQ, which is also standard.


  • The riders will have the standard SC1 and SC2 available on the front while at the rear they will be able to choose between the standard SCX and SC0. In 2022 the SC1 was the most used front choice in Race 1 while the SC2 was the most chosen in Race 2. At the rear, the most used option was the SC0.

Further details on the tyre allocation are available in the technical data sheets attached to this press release.

Soft solutions will guarantee more grip in the heat

“Last year the resurfacing work on the Mandalika circuit was completed a few days before the round and, not knowing the characteristics of the new asphalt, we had decided to bring also rear tyres that were a little more protected from a wear point of view: the selection consisted of SCX B0800, SC0 and SC1. However, we have seen that the SC1 was practically never chosen because with high asphalt temperatures it was unable to offer the grip that instead the SC0 was able to guarantee, which is why it was the choice for the races. For this year we have decided to confirm the SC0 and SCX B0800 by adding the SCQ for qualifying and the Superpole Race. At the front, SC1 and SC2 are also confirmed. We will therefore rely almost exclusively on standard tyres that all motorcyclists can regularly buy on the market. At this time in Indonesia, it is the rainy season so the wet tyres already used in Australia could come back in action".