Pirelli, the new Cinturato adjudicated the best tyre in Germany, Switzerland and Great Britain

The Cinturato P4, launched last January, has passed the toughest tests in Europe with flying colours, those of the German Automobilclub (ADAC), taking first place in its segment out of a total of 37 summer tyres from the 19 different manufacturers taken into consideration. In particular, mileage and safety were especially appreciated.

The P4 also came top of the list, and was described as "very recommendable", in the Touring Club Switzerland (TCS) tests. And in England, the highest selling and most authoritative consumer magazine cited it as a best buy when it's time to change your tyres.

The P6 is also doing well, triumphant in the ADAC and TCS classifications, thanks above all to its performance as regards safety and reliability.

Milan, 04 March 2008. The new Cinturato, just a month after its launch date, gained its first major international citations. The traditional tests carried out every year by the ADAC, the authoritative German Automobilclub, and by the TCS, Swiss Touring Club (TCS), have confirmed the P4 as the best tyre in its category. The same result was also achieved by the P6, which took first place in its reference segment.

The Cinturato P4 , tested by the ADAC in the 175/65 R14 T size on a Ford Fiesta , obtained the best overall result in a test that evaluated 37 different models of tyres, produced by 19 different manufacturers. The new ecological tyre from Pirelli, developed for small and medium size cars, achieved excellent results in all 5 test parameters, especially as regards to the wear, which also means constant performance and safety over time. According to ADAC technicians, whose quality tests are a reference point for the car world on an international level, the P4 is "very recommendable". The TCS' judgement was identical, assigning top marks to the newly launched product from Pirelli.

At the top of the ADAC and TCS classifications there was also the Pirelli P6. In the German Automobilclub test, which focused on the 195/65R15 tyre size on a VW Golf , the P6 triumphed over 19 other tyres taken into consideration and was judged the best in its category, with high marks in all parameters. More specifically, according to German technicians, the Pirelli tyre is "excellent in all segments that are important for safety".

The Cinturato P4 and Pirelli P6 have also won over British experts. The English magazine, Which?, the best selling consumer magazine in Great Britain, defined the two Pirelli products as the best in their respective categories. More specifically, the P4 was defined as the best tyre to buy thanks to its mileage associated with excellence under all parameters examined, so much so that it is recommended as a good "value for money" product. The P6 has been evaluated as very safe and the absolute best in its category when it comes to braking on wet surfaces.