Pirelli to be official supplier of the Swedish Rally Championship

The Italian rubber manufacturer has signed a three-year
deal with the Swedish sporting authorities to become the exclusive tyre supplier to the Swedish Rally Championship. Pirelli's support for the cost-cutting policy promised by the FIA has been underlined by this agreement, which highlights the Italian company's desire to remain at the cutting edge of Motorsport even in these difficult economic times.

The Swedish sporting authorities and Pirelli have sealed a three-year deal that will see the Italian rubber used exclusively on the Swedish Rally Championship from 2009-2011. This is another major coup for Pirelli, and a vindication of the company's decision to concentrate on the single-tyre philosophy in both racing and rally championships. This direction was set down by the FIA and has been fully supported by Pirelli, which has introduced a range of quality products that offer top performance whilst reducing overall costs: a move that makes utmost sense in the current economic climate.

Despite the recent global financial situation, Pirelli has neither withdrawn its involvement nor reduced its commitment to Motorsport - as has been the case with other rival companies. Instead, Pirelli has chosen to actively implement the measures taken by the FIA to cut costs both in racing and rally.

Alexandre Vermot, worldwide Pirelli's Motorsport commercial director explained: "Having won contracts to exclusively supply the FIA WRC and PWRC, as well as the national championships of Argentina, Britain, Codasur and Finland, it's a huge satisfaction for Pirelli to also be supplying tyres for an important series like the Swedish Rally Championship from 2009 to 2011."

"This choice demonstrates the increasing popularity of the one-make tyre formula, a philosophy with which Pirelli is well acquainted through supplying tyres not only to the FIA WRC but other noteworthy international championships such as Grand Am and World Superbike. The deal we have just struck with the Swedish sporting authorities and rally organisers is a great honour for us, as it demonstrates the faith that important national and international organising bodies have placed in our products. I am sure that our rubber will help the Swedish Rally Championship go from strength to strength in future."

 "It's also true that Pirelli has been associated with Sweden's top rally stars from every era since the World Rally Championship was created. From Björn Waldegaard to Stig Blomqvist and Kenneth Eriksson, right up to the present day with the Junior World Rally Championship winner Patrik Sandell, Pirelli has always been at the forefront of the development of young Swedish talent, also through the Swedish Rally Championship."