Pirelli Tyre signs agreement for a state-of-the-art industrial centre in Settimo Torinese

Pirelli Tyre signs agreement for a state-of-the-art industrial centre in the Settimo Torinese area with the Piedmont Regional Authority, Turin Provincial Authority, and Settimo Torinese Municipal Authority

The new plant, for producing car and truck tyres, will be ecologically sustainable and use "Next Mirs" technology, making it the most modern Pirelli production facility worldwide

Pirelli Tyre and Turin Politecnico agree to cooperate on joint projects for research and technological innovation

Turin, 13th July 2007 - A framework agreement to create a state-of-the-art technological and industrial centre for producing car and truck tyres at Settimo Torinese was signed today between Piedmont Regional Authority, Turin Provincial Authority, Settimo Torinese Municipal Authority, and Pirelli Tyre.  Pirelli already has two production facilities in that area.

The industrial regeneration plan will entail transferring the production operations currently carried out in the car-tyre plant to the truck-tyre plant.  Amalgamating the two facilities in this way will pave the way for inaugurating a new and modern centre that will harness leading-edge production technology developed through research by Pirelli, thus making it the most advanced Pirelli Group manufacturing plant in the world.

The technology in question includes, most notably, Next Mirs, a development of the Pirelli robotised tyre-manufacturing system, and CCM, an advanced system for the production of tyre compound. With the new plant it will be possible to generate a high product mix and to consolidate output volumes.  Production at the new Piedmont centre will focus on tyres with high and with very high performance and will target both the replacement market and automotive manufacturers making vehicles at the forefront of technology.

In line with Pirelli sustainable development strategies, the new facility will be notable both for the adoption of measures to reduce environmental impact and energy consumption to the absolute minimum and for its high architectural and design quality. 

The agreement, which gives effect to an understanding signed in November 2006 by Settimo Torinese Municipal Authority and Pirelli Tyre for local industrial regeneration, commits the various levels of local government to take all effective steps to facilitate the achievement of the plan by cutting authorisation times to a minimum and assisting in improvements to the areas affected by the project.  For its part, Pirelli Tyre undertakes to complete planning and design of the centre in as short a time as possible. 

In particular, Settimo Torinese Municipal Authority is committed to completing, as rapidly as possible, those modifications to the local area development plan needed to assure the feasibility of the regeneration initiative, while the Piedmont Regional Authority has promised to submit the protocol to the Ministry for Scientific Research and the Ministry for Development in order to enlist broader backing in the form of central government schemes.

As part of the Settimo Torinese industrial regeneration, Pirelli Tyre and Turin Politecnico have agreed to conduct joint projects for research and technological innovation.  Already, on 12th June last, the company and Turin Politecnico  set up a joint working group tasked with minimizing the environmental impact of the new industrial site and, especially, with further innovating the more advanced processes and products of Pirelli Tyre research, such as Next Mirs, CCM, and Cyber Tyre - the "smart" tyre designed to enhance safety when driving.