Pirelli wins the Le Mans 24 Hours Moto with Team Kawasaki SRC earning the 2012 Master of Endurance title

The brand from Milan, together with riders Julien Da Costa, Gregory Leblanc and Freddy Foray on a Kawasaki ZX10R equipped with Pirelli Diablo Superbike tyres, repeat the result achieved in the Bol D’Or and set another historic record on the French circuit, completing 3,532.140 km in 24 hours and totalling 844 laps. World title for the brand with the long "P" in the Superstock-Cup of the World Endurance Championship as well with riders Pedro Vallcaneras, Arie Vos and Jason Pridmore of the Penz13.com Kraftwerk Herpigny Racing Team. Pirelli together with team Kawasaki SRC and riders Julien Da Costa, Gregory Leblanc and Freddy Foray won the Le Mans 24 Hours Moto over the weekend, repeating April’s splendid victory of the Bol d’Or. With this result Pirelli consequently also wins the Master of Endurance title, a competition made up of the two races mentioned above, the only ones in which Pirelli and team Kawasaki SRC participated in the 2012 World Endurance Championship, which includes a total of 5 races. But in all actuality, this weekend was a splendid double win for the Milanese brand, because the success was doubled in the World Endurance Championship Superstock-Cup class, winning the World Championship with the Penz13.com Kraftwerk Herpigny Racing Team and riders Pedro Vallcaneras, Arie Vos and Jason Pridmore. “This double result is extremely important for us” said Pirelli Moto Racing Director Giorgio Barbier, “because it is further confirmation of Pirelli's leadership even in open tyre competitions like the demanding World Endurance Championship. Once again, as already happened in the Bol d'Or and in other national open tyre championships like the Italian Speed Championship Superbike class, we have demonstrated that Pirelli is not afraid of a challenge from our competitors, but at the same time we are also able to skilfully manage world and national control tyre championships, guaranteeing equal treatment for all the participating riders in terms of tyre supply in favour of spectacular races for the fans. For the 35th edition of the 24 hour marathon scheduled regularly since 1978 on the Sarthè “Bugatti” track, Team Kawasaki SRC, with a Kawasaki ZX10R equipped with Pirelli Diablo Superbike, took the top step of the podium, winning its third consecutive edition after 2010 and 2011. The race, which had the Kawasaki SRC team starting from the second block on the starting grid, was run with Pirelli Diablo Superbike tyres in two different compound solutions on the rear and only one on the front. On the rear the race was ridden with two development solutions: in fact, during the daylight hours, when temperatures were above 22°C, a soft SC0 compound was used which performs better on the kind of asphalt found on the Le Mans track which provides little grip, while during the night, when temperatures dropped, a more protected solution in SC1 compound was chosen. On the other hand, for the entire race the same solution was used on the front – the Diablo Superbike SC1 compound which is currently sold on the market for private users as well. The grip and mileage of the Pirelli tyres allowed for long range, at the same time providing the riders with consistent performance for the entire duration of the race. A total of 25 sets of tyres was used during the 24 hour period and Pirelli, together with team Kawasaki SRC, broke an historic track record, completing 3532.140 km in 24 hours, totalling 844 laps. The perfect balance of riders, bike and Pirelli Diablo Superbike tyres proved to be fundamental to win this competition in front of the team S.E.R.T. Suzuki GSX-R 1000 equipped by Dunlop and the team BMW Motorrad FR Thevent BMW S1000RR equipped by Michelin. The performance by Penz13.com Kraftwerk Herpigny Racing Team and its riders was also impeccable. Together with Pirelli they earned a final 2nd place in the Le Mans race, thereby winning the World Endurance Championship in the Superstock class with a total of 102 points and a lead of 12 over the second place team in the overall standings.