Pirelli world leader in the prestige segment

Pirelli is the world leader in the Prestige segment, claiming almost half of the market in the Original Equipment. Luxury and sports cars are the two of the fastest-growing sectors in today’s global automotive market. Currently there are around more than 2 million prestige and supercars registered, with an average yearly growth rate of 15% in the last 5 years: compared to 4% for the rest of the market. These statistics confirm the foresight of Pirelli’s vision, which has focussed its strategy on the Prestige segment in order to strengthen the world leadership in this exclusive area. Pirelli’s leadership in the very upper echelons of the automotive market is the result of a product strategy based on the “perfect fit”. This means that every tyre is individually engineered for each car, designed and produced using dedicated technologies, processes and materials. By tailoring these elements according to the requirements of each car manufacturer’s engineers at the design phase, Pirelli is able to develop tyres specifically conceived for different models. Two new tools have been developed by Pirelli to more effectively interact with Prestige end users and help increase Prestige tyres sales through our clients: the Prestige Label and the Prestige Price list. Starting from February, the brand new Prestige Label is applied on all “Prestige” tyres. Thanks to the exclusive sticker, Pirelli Prestige tyres are easily recognizable by all the people involved in the delivery process in order to provide a premium service in terms of quality and speed. Furthermore the new Prestige label makes easier to communicate to Prestige car owners that Pirelli Prestige tyres are special in terms of latest technology, being custom made for the best cars in the world. To give more relevance to Pirelli leadership in one of the most strategic segments, the new edition of Pirelli Prestige Price List is now available. With an unique layout and high end touch and feel the Prestige price list stands out from the traditional one, and it is exclusively dedicated to the Pirelli summer and winter products developed for Prestige car models. For the first time the Pirelli broad range of products is organized by car model, highlighting the deep link between Prestige cars and Pirelli homologated tires.