Scorpion ATR, a tyre for all road surfaces

Scorpion ATR is the all-terrain tyre designed by Pirelli researchers aimed at the 4x4 market (SUV) and suitable for all types of road surface. Safety and driving comfort are the features of the Pirelli Scorpion line which, thanks to the reinforced structure and the symmetrical pattern of the tread, gives driving pleasure and meets the demands of drivers in all weather conditions. Scorpion is also one of the tyres developed by Pirelli for the 2010 World Rally Championships, for which the Milan company is the exclusive supplier for the 2008 to 2010 three-year period. For Scorpion ATR, Pirelli research has focused on the need to guarantee drivers maximum driving performance both on and off the road. The result is a tyre as strong and resistant as the vehicles on which it is fitted; reliable and versatile, which allows for safe driving even on extremely rough, uneven surfaces. Working above all on the tread, the Pirelli technicians have succeeded in creating a product which maintains its all-terrain qualities, and combines them with a low noise level even when the tread is worn. Scorpion ATR takes advantage of Pirelli’s experiences from “Scorpion Rally”, developed for the World Rally Championship 2010. Pirelli is the official supplier for WRC from 2008 to 2010.