Sibur transfers its last tyre plant to the Pirelli, Russian Technologies JV

Pirelli & C. SpA and Russian Technologies today finalized the transfer of the Voronezh tyre plant from Russian petrochemical company SIBUR to the Pirelli-Russian Technologies joint venture. This follows the transfer, also from SIBUR, in December of the Kirov tyre plant. The joint venture has invested a total of 222 million euros in the transfer operations and will spend a further 200 million from 2012 to 2014 on plant improvement and business development. Annual revenues are expected to be around 300 million euros in 2012 and more than 500 million by 2014. Voronezh will specialize in top-of-the range tyres with an output of 2 million pieces a year in 2012 to reach 4 million in 2014, while Kirov already produces 6.5 million pieces annually. While its production will remain flat, over 60% will be converted to the Pirelli brand. PDF Version (47 KB)