ST:01 WIDE BASE M+S, all-season safety and high mileage

Pirelli introduces a new tyre for the commercial transport sector, the ST: 01 WIDE BASE M+S. This is a new all-season tyre, guaranteeing safety on slippery and snowy surfaces for trailers and semi-trailers and high reliability over time. The ST: 01 WISE BASE M+S is, in fact, designed to offer the best performance in all weather conditions on both motorways (H) and regional roads (R). The tyre has been specifically created to take on kilometres. The tread pattern and the compound are designed to offer greater resistance to load and abrasion, thus improving mileage and retreadability, while reducing rolling resistance at the same time. The zig-zag grooves and sipes ensure road grip in winter conditions and on slippery surfaces. The groove design has been optimised to expel stones, increase resistance to lateral sliding and improve lateral wet handling. The lateral reinforced beads improve resistance to impact and prevent shoulder damages. Finally, sidewall ventilation and low heat generation are guaranteed. The new range is available in 385/65 R 22.5 and 385/55 R 22.5 sizes and it is characterised by the symbols M+S and 3PMS on the sidewall.