ST:01™ Neverending™ Energy™, the “AA” truck tyres

ST:01 Neverending Energy is the new Pirelli line of truck tyres for the European market that has achieved a European label double class “A” for rolling resistance and wet grip. Developed as a fitment for trailers and semi-trailers, the ST:01 Neverending Energy aims for maximum efficiency as far as fuel consumption and safety are concerned. The new Pirelli tyres introduce considerable benefits for fleets because on a vehicle formed by tractor unit and semi-trailer the tyres fitted to the latter generate 50% of the total rolling resistance of all tyres. The line developed by Pirelli researchers combines safety with energy efficiency, whilst maintaining the high mileage and long life you would expect from a truck tyre. The innovative tread pattern and double-layer compound with a high percentage of silica are patented Pirelli technology. In particular, the compound used to produce the ST:01 Neverending Energy cuts heat generation and, therefore, rolling resistance, whilst ensuring improved tear resistance and higher mileage. ST:01 Neverending Energy also boasts new profiles and innovative sidewall and bead geometry. Size 385/65 R 22.5 will be on sale in European markets by the end of this year, whilst 385/55 R 22.5 will be available from January 2013.