The importance of explaining marked tyres' benefit

Pirelli today is a leading global tyre manufacturer, leader in the Premium and Prestige segments. Partnering with the best car makers worldwide, Pirelli’s technicians design and test tyres to fit the personality of each car model. Marked tyres can be recognized from a specific marking on the sidewall that indicates they have been designed to be fitted on a specific car model. By choosing marked tyres, clients enhance their car’s performances, while ensuring themselves a unique driving experience. In order to better explain the importance of marked tyres to all the parties involved in the value-chain, from the car manufacturers to the end user, Pirelli often organizes training sessions, factory visits and workshops. After the well-established events for tyre dealers – which include factory visits to Pirelli’s production plants – the Italian tyre manufacturer has launched a series of events dedicated to Prestige customers who, by visiting the production hubs of Bicocca and Settimo Torinese, can fully understand the state-of-the-art technology behind Pirelli’s tyres and the level of driving security they provide to end users. The 22nd of September 2016, Mercedes’ After Sales managers from all around Europe participated to workshops and track tests organized by Pirelli and experienced first-hand the difference between MO (Mercedes Original) marked tyres and standard tyres, which hadn’t been specifically designed for Mercedes vehicles. In particular, the track test on Vairano circuit was a great success: an expert test driver on a Mercedes CLA 45 AMG demonstrated the difference between standard and MO tyres as far as handling and stability when braking and speeding up are concerned. The technical features of the MO tyres were tested also during a gymkhana speed test on a Mercedes E220. On the 23rd of September, 100 members of the French Ferrari Club visited Pirelli’s plant in Settimo Torinese and witnessed the fine-tuning production process behind Pirelli’s tyres. Lamborghini’s and Maserati’s After Sales managers have also participated in similar events. Thanks to these workshops, track tests and factory visits, Pirelli is able to underline effectively the high-quality technical features of marked tyres and the importance to fit them on premium and prestige cars. This is a key means of promoting the Pirelli brand as well as an excellent differentiation strategy for tyre dealers with a strong focus in the Premium and Prestige segments.