The new Truck, dedicated to dealers and fleets

Truck renews itself. The Pirelli magazine dedicated to the world of commercial transport changes its look and expands its contents. Addressed to dealers and fleets and distributed in Italian, English, German and Spanish, Truck evolves towards more contemporary layouts, articles and services. The latest issue focuses on images and the many artworks dedicated to the truck world, from the stunning cover to the introduction of photojournalism, in order to better portray the industrial reality.  The photographic service, for example, is dedicated to Autobus Oberbayern, the German fleet, with beautiful shots of both vehicles and workers. Truck aims at showing the relation between humanity and technology, Pirelli and research, the driver and the tyre.  All this is possible through interviews with the protagonists of the transport sector and reports on the future of the transportation world. Moreover the magazine leaves room for oddities, such as an article on truck videogames created by a fan community, or the new column “Truck Vintage”, with historic photos from the Pirelli Foundation and a call to action inviting the readers to send pictures of their vintage vehicle to the Truck e-mail address.