Three new solutions for the transport sector

Pirelli introduces three new solutions for the transport professionals: the MC01, the new tyre for urban transport, the new XL range of the 01 Series and the FleetApp, an innovative tablet app dedicated to the transport world. Higher mileage and low rolling resistance are the key features of the MC:01. The increased transport load and improved mileage are the result of the tyre structure evolution thanks to the technology patented by Pirelli for the 01 Series. The 01 Series is in fact developed to meet the specific needs of the urban transport sector and aims at improving the tyre reconstruction for a longer tyre life. Comfort and safety are strongly improved: enhanced noise reduction (-3dB(A) vs MC88), road holding and higher stability in wet conditions and at low temperatures on different road surfaces.  The passenger transport tyre range is integrated by the H:01 Coach Series, Pirelli’s solution dedicated to passenger transport on both short and long distances. The new sizes with increased axle load enrich the 01 Series, developed by Pirelli for different usages, from H (Highway) and R (Regional), to W (Winter) and C (City). The innovative structures and materials of the 01 Series line devote special attention to a more robust carcass, ensuring higher load and improved durability and reconstruction. The new XL range is available for steering axles in the FH:01 Coach, MC:01, FH:01, FR:01 II, FW:01 ranges. Pirelli FleetApp is a tabelt app for both iOS and Android, developed for transport professionals in order to help them to identify the right tyre to meet their specific needs. This simple and intuitive app delivers information on the type of usage recommended for each tyre, the sizes available, the European label data, as well as the tread pattern design and the technical characteristics. The app includes a simulation tool that allows users to calculate how much fuel they would save, based on the energy efficiency class of each tyre. The FleetApp menu also contains special offers and a video gallery that helps customers to better understand the entire Pirelli range, as well as specialised services such as the CyberFleet.