Milano (Italy),

Izan Rodriguez Alvarez triumphs in the FIM MiniGP World Series Final, Pirelli satisfied with the performance of DIABLO Superbike 10” tyres

The first FIM MiniGP World Series Final is a project resulting from the partnership between Pirelli, FIM, Dorna Sports S.L. and Ohvale to support the professional growth of young riders

Thanks to the partnership with FIM, Dorna Sports S.L. and Ohvale, Pirelli is the Sole Supplier of tyres for the FIM MiniGP World Series, a project created to unify national, regional and continental MiniGP competitions around the world, with the aim of creating a launch platform for young riders ready to improve their skills.

Pirelli has always been a promoter of projects in support of young riders and the partnership with Dorna Sports S.L. and Ohvale, important entities in the world of motorcycling that share similar values and attitudes towards the professional growth of young talents, is a recognition of the decades-long commitment and strong position that Pirelli holds in the racing field.

Between Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th of November the Ricardo Tormo Circuit in Valencia hosted the 2021 FIM MiniGP World Series Finale, where thirty young riders, between ten and fourteen years of age, were the protagonists of exciting racing on Ohvale GP-0 160 motorbikes equipped exclusively on DIABLO Superbike tyres.

The youngsters who lined up on the grid included the top three riders of each of the ten national or regional series launched during the 2021 season: Alpe Adria, France, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, North America, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom. All riders present raced on Ohvale GP-0 160 motorcycles equipped with Pirelli racing slick tyres. The Italian tyre manufacturer made available to the riders DIABLO Superbike SC1 slick tyres, 100/80-10 front and 120/80-10 rear, as well as DIABLO Rain tyres, to be used in case of adverse weather conditions.

The riders adapted very easily to the Pirelli DIABLO Superbike tyres right from the first free practice sessions and delivered extremely positive feedback to the Pirelli engineers. The DIABLO Superbike impressed young talents on the track, both those who had already tried Pirelli tyres and those who did not know them, especially for the grip, ease of use and regular wear, despite the marked abrasiveness of the circuit.

The winner of the 2021 FIM MiniGP Series is the #44 Spanish rider Izan Rodriguez Alvarez who wins his first World Title with a score of 100 points accumulated during the Thursday races. Second in the Championship standings is #46 Pablo Olivares Rodriguez with 66 points and third the Italian rider #24 Cristian Borrelli with 65 points.


Race 1 Standing:

  1. #44 Izan Rodriguez Alvarez
  2. #46 Pablo Olivares Rodriguez
  3. #22 Josh O’Brien

Race 2 Standing:

  1. #44 Izan Rodriguez Alvarez
  2. #46 Pablo Olivares Rodriguez
  3. #24 Cristian Borrelli

Super Finale Race Standing:

  1. #44 Izan Rodriguez Alvarez
  2. #24 Cristian Borrelli
  3. #26 Edoardo Liguori

Championship Standing:

  1. #44 Izan Rodriguez Alvarez
  2. #46 Pablo Olivares Rodriguez
  3. #24 Cristian Borrelli