Mantova (Italy),


Jeffrey Herlings wins MXGP and takes the world title. Jago Geerts imposes himself in MX2 but Maxime Renaux is the champion.

The Tazio Nuvolari circuit hosted the Citta di Mantova Grand Prix, the eighteenth and final round of the 2021 FIM Motocross World Championship. Once again it was a triumphant season for Pirelli who won world titles in the MXGP and MX2 classes bringing the number of FIM world championships in motocross to seventy-six.

On the eve of the last race the fight for the world championship crown in the MXGP class was still very open with the top two riders in the standings (Herlings and Romain Febvre) separated by just three points. Jeffrey Herlings won both moths and the Grand Prix thanks to the front SCORPION™ MX32™ Mid Soft and the rear SCORPION™ MX™ Soft, and therefore confirmed his fifth world title after a thrilling season. Tim Gajser, second on the podium of the GP, finished third in the championship. Jeremy Seewer and Jorge Prado ended the season in fourth and fifth place in the fial standings ahead of Antonio Cairoli. The Sicilian, who announced his retirement from full-time racing, ended his incredible career in the motocross world championship with nine world titles.

In the MX2 class, with the title already assigned to Maxime Renaux, the winner at Mantova was Jago Geerts. The Belgian defeated the freshly crowned champion and Kay De WolfPirelli literally dominated the series by placing its riders in the top nine of the overall standings. In addition to the title and Geerts runner-up place for the season, the Italian brand also classified third thanks to the 2020 champion Tom VialleMattia Guadagnini was the best rookie of the season, Jed BeatonRene HoferKay De WolfThibault Benistant and Ruben Fernandez respectively occupied the final positions from fourth to ninth.

There was success for Pirelli also in the EMX250 and EMX2T European Championships which were won by Nicolas Lapucci and Maximilian Spies.


Results (Pirelli riders in bold):

MXGP race 1

  1. HERLINGS Jeffrey (NED)
  2. FEBVRE Romain (FRA)
  3. GAJSER Tim (SLO)
  4. SEEWER Jeremy (SUI)
  5. PRADO Jorge (SPA)

MXGP race 2

  1. HERLINGS Jeffrey (NED)
  2. GAJSER Tim (SLO)
  3. FEBVRE Romain (FRA)
  4. SEEWER Jeremy (SUI)
  5. BOGERS Brian (NED)

MX2 race 1

  1. GEERTS Jago (BEL)
  2. DE WOLF Kay (NED)
  3. RENAUX Maxime (FRA)
  4. HARRUP Mikkel (DEN)
  5. GUADAGNINI Mattia (ITA)

MX2 race 2

  1. RENAUX Maxime (FRA)
  2. GEERTS Jago (BEL)
  3. GUADAGNINI Mattia (ITA)
  4. HOFER Rene (AUT)
  5. MEWSE Conrad (GBR)

GP Overall:


  1. HERLINGS Jeffrey (NED)
  2. GAJSER Tim (SLO)
  3. FEBVRE Romain (FRA)
  4. SEEWER Jeremy (SUI)
  5. PRADO Jorge (SPA)


  1. GEERTS Jago (BEL)
  2. RENAUX Maxime (FRA)
  3. DE WOLF Kay (NED)
  4. GUADAGNINI Mattia (ITA)
  5. HARRUP Mikkel (DEN)

Championship overall:


  1. HERLINGS Jeffrey (NED) p.708
  2. FEBVRE Romain (FRA) p.703
  3. GAJSER Tim (SLO) p.688
  4. SEEWER Jeremy (SUI) p.566
  5. PRADO Jorge (SPA) p.562
  6. CAIROLI Antonio (ITA) p.545


  1. RENAUX Maxime (FRA) p.734
  2. GEERTS Jago (BEL) p.610
  3. VIALLE Tom (FRA) p.570
  4. GUADAGNINI Mattia (ITA) p.548
  5. BEATON Jed (AUS) p.540
  6. HOFER Rene (AUT) p.527